• Feb 7, 2019

the Wombat is one of the most interesting and special small animals of Australia. These rodents, as well as the most part of animals of the smallest continent, are marsupials. They have a set of devices which help them to survive with the wild nature. But many keep these rodents in bondage. People told how they got a large wombat.


Description of a rodent

The appearance of a small animal very much reminds a little bear cub, only his muzzle, unlike a big mammal, is a little priplusnut. Adult individuals reach in height about 120 cm, and their weight is from 20 to 40 kg. The small animal has quite short paws . Such adaptation is necessary for it to dig holes, the wombat is a norny animal. On each paw there are about 5 fingers with long claws.

Description of a Rodent

Wool at rodents of brown color with a grayish shade. Unlike other representatives of this group animals have thick skin. Eyes of small animals of the small size, and teeth only 12.

Today in Australia there live 3 species of wombats:

Long-haired Wombat

  • short-haired;
  • kvislenskiya;
  • long-haired.

There were these animals more than 18 million years ago. They were 5 types, but during evolution 2 views disappeared. By the way, the koala and a wombat have the general ancestor who existed about 36 million years ago.

Is known that a close relative of a rodent was the diprotodon who died out more than 40 thousand years ago. The animal was the big sizes and reached in height of 2 m, and in length of 3 m

Contents in house conditions

Wombats in Australia are quite often tamed and contained in the house. It is simple to make it as small animals peace and can easily get on with the person. If rodents live in the wild nature about 15 years, then in house conditions can live about record 25 years . Though these animals are rather friendly, all of them silly therefore they can constitute some danger to the person. For this reason to get wombats in the house where there are small children, it is not strongly recommended. It is because during danger small animals can strongly be frightened and bite the person.

Contents in House Conditions

By the way, the Australian rodents almost have no enemies in the wild nature, except dogs of a dingo and the Tasmanian devils. But even in holes the small animal can easily be protected from them, using the back as a board. Also the animal can close the back pads pass of a mink that the enemy could not make the way afterwards. If nevertheless it happens so that the dingo or the Tasmanian devil gets to a hole, the wombat begins to press them the back and to smother . When also this way does not work, the rodent protects himself, butting.

Other devices of an animal for protection against uninvited guests is the specific oskalivaniye and low. Also the small animal can gather speed to 40 km/h, but so quickly he long cannot run.

Way of life

A wombat — quite economical animal for contents in house conditions. To support a small animal, it is enough to stock up with young sprouts of herbs, berries, mushrooms, roots of various plants and mosses. Food is digested long — up to two weeks. Water will not be required to a rodent much too: on 1 kg of body weight of a wombat — about 20−25 ml of water. Such not fastidiousness in food helps to survive an animal in the wild nature in the period of a drought and in lean years.

to the Owner of a rodent should remember that the small animal very badly transfers cold, and especially sharp temperature change of the environment.

Way of life and reproduction

Wombats live in the wild nature alone, nevertheless it is possible to find their holes close to one from another. As well as other animal species, they mark the territory, using for this purpose own excrements which have the form, very unusual to live organisms — square.


Small animals lead mainly a nocturnalism therefore will have the luck to see them in the afternoon seldom unless in the winter when rodents leave the minks to get warm on the sun .

Wombats all the year round breed. Only the period of a drought and not productivity are considered as an exception when small animals save all forces to survive. Females, as a rule, bear within 21 days and give birth only to one cub. The kid is in a maternal bag which is located on a back for 6−8 months and when leaves it, a year more is near mother. Polovozrelymi males become only by two years of life, and a female — to three.

is strictly forbidden to Take out wombats from Australia, and only official zoos can become foreign owners of this miracle, having bought a rodent for 500−1000 dollars.

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