• Sep 20, 2019
How it is correct to feed guinea pigs? It is the first question on which each potential owner of a rodent looks for the answer. The correct feeding is a guarantee of health and long life of the pet .
As It Is Correct to Feed a Guinea Pig When feeding a guinea pig not to do without vegetables
At a guinea pig quite weak vermicular movement of intestines and that digestion was normal, is necessary for them all what their wild relatives eat: cellulose in large numbers, grains, leaves, fruit and vegetables, roots and branches.

Is important regular access to food, the small animal can die starvation for couple of days therefore if you leave somewhere, take care of that the forage was enough, or ask someone from acquaintances to look after a small animal.

feed the Guinea pig 2 – 3 times a day, and since morning give juicy forages, and in the evening – dry. Add to water 5 – 25 mg (on 250 ml) ascorbic acid to fill shortage of vitamin C.

with What to feed a guinea pig?

  1. Grain mix – has to make about 30% of a diet. Grain mixes for guinea pigs are on sale in pet-shops. In its basis: a millet, oats, sunflower seeds, barley, peas, corn and other cereals and also grass and formula-feed granules with vitamins.
  2. the Green forage – the most natural part of a diet for a guinea pig. However do not forget that there are poisonous plants which can lead to a disease or death of a small animal. The resolved green forages: dandelion, tops of vegetable of beet and carrots, young sedge, clover, lucerne, green salad, plantain, camomile, fennel, spinach, yarrow, tansy, germinated grain.
  3. Hay – the most important component of a diet of a guinea pig, it has to make at least 20% of the day menu. Hay plays a large role in normal digestion and promotes grinding of teeth. Upon purchase of hay pay attention to a smell (it has to be pleasant and fresh). Hay should not be damp.
  4. Fruit and vegetables have to be given at the rate of 30% of the body weight of a guinea pig. It is better to give vegetables, and to treat with fruit in the form of delicacy. The guinea pig can give carrots, cucumbers, apples, vegetable marrows, paprika, pumpkin, corn. It is better if there is an opportunity to offer the pet of 3 - 5 options of vegetable dishes every day. In limited quantities it is possible to give peaches, pears, cherries or plums – they contain a lot of sugar.
  5. Other forage. If the guinea pig moves much and actively, it is possible to add to a diet the products containing fats (seeds of sunflower, sesame or a flax, nuts). Many small animals love wheat bran. Offer the pet fresh branches of fruit-trees and bushes – they not only help to grind off teeth, but also contain useful substances.
As It Is Correct to Feed a Guinea Pig

with What it is impossible to feed a guinea pig?

correctly to feed a guinea pig, it is necessary to exclude a number of products from a diet:
  • Candies and other sweets.
  • Dairy products.
  • Pasta.
  • Bakery products.
  • Leftovers from your table.
  • Rees and other grain.
  • Potatoes.

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