• Jan 28, 2020

Character of a guinea pig pleasant. Guinea pigs are allocated with quiet, very quiet and gentle disposition. But at the same time they are sociable and in the company remarkably feel. Very much it is pleasant to them when they are ironed, they adore looking after themselves. Guinea pigs prefer silence, however, if they have an opportunity to adapt, can live also in noisy rooms.

On character guinea pigs do not concern noisy pets and seldom make sounds. Only pregnant females are accustomed "to chirp" a couple of minutes, exchanging words with the spouse, or males when courting make the sounds reminding purring.

However, as well as people, guinea pigs have different character and temperament. Sometimes very "talkative" individuals to whom only give a reason to popishchat meet. But even the most sociable pets will not give you trouble at night.

If you treat the little friend skillfully and kindly, he will very quickly be tamed and will be ready to spend in your company though the whole day, except for meal time.

But if to treat a guinea pig roughly, the pet can become aggressive. It is not recommended to offend guinea pigs — they are quite vindictive.
Character of guinea pigs is distinguished by the increased care so they instantly react to unfamiliar smells or noise. They are guarded even by weak rustles. The guinea pig will rise by back pads, will diligently sniff and look around, trying to understand from where noise reaches or began to smell. And only when it will be convinced that nothing threatens her, will return to the interrupted studies.

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