• Sep 20, 2019
Much of us there is not enough one pet, and sooner or later we think of replenishment of a house zoo. However at the same time it should be taken into account wellbeing of other inhabitants of the house. Whether the guinea pig can live with other animals?
Meet guinea pigs who not too are afraid of dogs and do not even try to run away from them. Certainly, if the dog does not make attempts to eat a rodent. However you should not be under a delusion and leave a guinea pig alone with a dog — at one unpleasant moment the tragedy can be played.
is more careful with cats, for them guinea pigs — natural production. And even if the murlyka will not reach the rodent locked in a cage, attempts to reach a little small animal can cause a severe stress in a guinea pig.
the Guinea pig not really well feels at cohabitation with birds (especially with parrots), rats, mice, hamsters, squirrels or chinchillas. The guinea pig will not show aggression, but the imposed unnatural partnership can become the reason of sufferings.
However, wait a moment to despair: everything is not so hopeless! There is an animal with whom the guinea pig can get on safely is a rabbit. The adult guinea pig will well get on with the decorative rabbit approximately equal to it by the size, or even with larger ushastik. They are ready to have dinner together and to have a rest, having nestled to each other and also to clean each other fur. Sometimes the guinea pig gets on a back of a rabbit, and the last usually does not object.
 the Sea sviinka and a rabbit of a photo On a photo: guinea pig and rabbit "

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