• Jan 28, 2020
Guinea pigs are quite unpretentious

, however they nevertheless need to create acceptable living conditions.

What is necessary for keeping of a guinea pig?

  • Convenient big cage. Cage height for a guinea pig there should not be less than 40 — 50 cm, width — at least 40 — 60 cm, length — is more than 80 cm. In such dwelling the rodent will be able to get up on back pads or to climb up a lodge. If at you there live couple of small animals, the cage has to be much more. Equip a cage with a plastic pallet (height of 10 — 15 cm) that you could get it at any time and put back. Remarkably, if the cage for 2 guinea pigs is divided into 2 sections: day and night.
  • Quarantine cage.
  • Shipping cage.
  • the Plastic or wooden nested lodge (with a side opening, without bottom).
  • Two feeding troughs (for a green forage and hay), a drinking bowl (the best option — a plastic or glass autodrinking bowl). It is good if feeding troughs are ceramic or plastic — it is more convenient to look after them.
  • Forage.
  • Sawdust or biological laying.
  • the Hairbrush to look after the pet's wool.
  • the Flat stone (to grind off claws).
  • Scissors to cut to a guinea pig claws.
the Cage has to be not less than in 30 cm from an external wall, at least in 40 cm from a heating system and heating devices.
Is remarkable if there is an opportunity to build the open-air cage on a balcony or in a garden. On a bottom hay, paper or sawdust creeps (but you should not use sawdust of coniferous trees). The lodge is stood in the corner of the open-air cage.
Surely place a flowerpot, a hollow brick or a piece of a tree in a cage, equip the second floor from ladders or wood knots. But be not fond: the cage cannot be encumbered, the guinea pig needs free space.
Temperature indoors where there lives a guinea pig, has to be supported within 17 — 20 degrees. Provide regular airing that pets did not suffer a shortage of oxygen. However you watch that there were no drafts. To keep heat in the winter, warm walls, ceilings and floors, establish a double glazing.

High humidity (80 — 85%) and low temperature are harmful to small animals. The increased humidity of air worsens a thermolysis of guinea pigs, and the bad balance of temperature and humidity leads to the fact that pets lose appetite, become sluggish, the metabolism in their organisms worsens. All this can be deadly to rodents.

that the quantity of guinea pigs has an impact on a microclimate of their dwelling. If there is a lot of pets, the humidity and temperature increase, and saturation oxygen of air falls.

Overpopulation can also prevent guinea pigs to move freely and to have a rest qualitatively, and it, in turn, has negative effect on health.

Sunlight is extremely important for guinea pigs. Glow lamps and gazosvetny lamps can replace natural lighting, however have no effect of ultra-violet radiation.

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