• Jan 28, 2020
of Long-haired guinea pigs wool length distinguishes more than 15 cm on a body and more than 7 cm on cheeks, an exception — only some breeds. Rare wool is considered defect.

Peruvian guinea pig (angora)

Is quite ancient breed: the Peruvian pigs "participated" in the Parisian agricultural exhibition in the 19th century.
Hair of these pigs thin, long, falling. Over eyes — a long bang which closes a muzzle. Therefore if you look from above, the head will not be visible. Length of wool is more than 15 cm, and at pigs of a show class — up to 50 cm
the Muzzle decorate the directed forward, pronounced whiskers.
the socket on which wool grows to the head crowns with
of Grain.
Along a backbone goes a parting in the middle.
Shortcomings: weak extremities, a narrow breast, thin wool, sockets on a body.


removed This long-haired breed of guinea pigs in Great Britain in the seventies of the 19th century. The standard was developed in 1973
the Wool falling, thin, long. Along a jaw — a fringe. On shoulders wool forms the mane directed back (without hair parting).
Shortcomings: a hair parting in a mane, lack of a fringe on a jaw, thick in the basis and wool, thin on the ends.


Is long-haired crested guinea pigs whose hair — thin, long and falling, on a muzzle — quite short, smooth, passes into a fringe. Wool on shoulders dense, falls on each side. The mane without hair parting is directed back.
Shortcomings: a hair parting in a mane, a small cop, too thin wool.

Merino, тексель and alpaca

These three breeds are curly kinds of other long-haired breeds of the guinea pigs crossed to reksa.

Teksel as breed appeared in the eighties the 20th centuries. The minimum length of wool — 12 cm, optimum — 18 cm, on a back — a hair parting. For the rest they are similar to a sheltie.
the Alpaca are distinguished by 2 sockets at hips, as at the Peruvian guinea pigs.
, like coronite, has a cop on a forehead.
Wool at all 3 kinds of long-haired breeds of guinea pigs dense, long, soft to the touch, but at the same time not just curly, but curly, with elastic curls. Young animals can have wavy wool.
The is more senior guinea pigs, the wool is longer. It more dense in the basis, is thinner at the ends.
Shortcomings: the confused wool, too short, with the insufficient number of curls.

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