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 the Mongolian gerbil of a photo On a photo: Mongolian gerbil


of Rodentia Rodents


of Cricetidae Rochebrune of Homyakovye


of Gerbillinae Alston of Peschankovye


of Meriones Illiger, 1811 Small gerbils


of Meriones unguiculatus Mongolian gerbil

Small gerbils are the small animals resembling rats (the pointed muzzle, quite large eyes) but at the same time having the trimmed tail which dark extended strands of wood on the end form peculiar "whisk" superficially. The size of small gerbils differs: up to 15 cm (small forms) and up to 18.5 cm (large). Ears can be small, the average sizes or large, depending on a look. As a rule, a hair soft, and coloring of top ocherous and sand, monophonic, without spots and strips.
Small gerbils live in deserts, semi-deserts and desert steppes and inhabit the huge territory (from Mongolia, China, Transbaikalia to the Caucasus, Asia and Western Asia and North Africa).
of the Hole are arranged quite difficult, "equipped" a set of otnorok, 1 nested camera and several "warehouses" for stocks. Holes for a wintering deeper.
In the nature of a gerbil eat parts of plants (underground and green), seeds, insects and even other small animals. Some types "store" a forage for the winter. The gerbil is not drunk – they have enough the moisture received from plants.
The Mongolian gerbils form colonies which number can be up to several thousand rodents.
the Mongolian gerbil is active in the afternoon.

Nature of the Mongolian gerbil

the Mongolian gerbils quite interesting small animals therefore they are quite popular with fans of rodents. Observation of them can be compared to meditation.
the Gerbil never sits in place: she digs, is engaged in construction, jumps, plays, cleans fur coats to relatives – generally, there is no time to miss her.
of the Gerbil are peaceful and friendly, however if you decided "to introduce" in already created family of a new small animal, it can end with injuries as a result of a serious fight. Therefore if you very much want to fill up home colony of rodents, choose young individuals (1.5 — 3 months from a sort). The pets are more senior, the more difficult to them to accept newcomers.
do not enter
into group of a new small animal At all if you have no time to control process!

Maintenance and care of the Mongolian gerbil  Mongolian gerbil of a photo

On a photo: Mongolian gerbil
of Gerbils can be contained in the aquarium (equipped with a cover and which is well aired) or in a metal cage. These small animals are supported in couples or small families.
Temperature indoors has to be maintained at the level of +20 … 23 degrees (minimum admissible temperature of +15 degrees).
Avoid drafts and direct sunshine.
of the Gerbil constantly dig so fill on a bottom of their "apartment" sawdust (not coniferous!) a layer in 10 — 15 cm. Construction of a nest requires hay or plain toilet paper. Fabric – the bad choice: the small animal can get confused in threads.
the Drinking bowl fastens outside of a cage or inside, however watch that it did not flow and sawdust remained dry. If the laying begins to rot, gerbils will get sick.
the Feeding trough is suspended higher than the level of sawdust or set up on the second floor of a cage.
to Gerbils needs to grind off teeth therefore provide them existence of pieces of wood, twigs, or snags. They can be found outdoors and to disinfect before giving to small animals, or to buy in pet-shop. If you forget about it, the rodent начент to grind off teeth about rods of a cage and can even damage a nose.
These little small animals cannot live without sandy bathtubs therefore 1 — 2 time a week put the container with sand in a cage. Special sand for rodents is on sale in pet-shop.
Gerbils should move much, and the cage limits them in movements. That kids did not suffer, buy a wheel. Plastic "shell" will be quickly destroyed so it is better to choose the metal wheel equipped with a grid instead of crossbeams. The wheel with crossbeams is injury-causing.
of Plasticity is also not suitable option for a lodge: your pets sgrynut it and will get sick. The lodge has to be wooden.
Cleaning of a cage is carried out 1 time in 2 weeks. It includes washing (without use of detergents) and change of a laying. At due leaving of a gerbil from gerbils there are practically no unpleasant smells.

Feeding of the Mongolian gerbil  the Mongolian gerbil eats a photo grass

On a photo: Mongolian gerbil
In house conditions of a gerbil eat generally grain mix which is on sale in pet-shops. It is possible to add a piece of the dried white loaf or bread with bran. Grain (a millet, sunflower and oats) has to be dry, not mouldy.
a moisture Source — juicy forages: turnip, beet, carrots, young leaves of raspberry, leaves of a wood louse, clover or dandelion. Love gerbils apples, pears, cabbage, tomatoes, a melon, watermelon, grapes. However cabbage and grapes are given by absolutely small doses as can become the reason of disorder of digestion.
Sometimes replace juicy forages with the soaked raisin or dried apricots.
wash Vegetables and fruit and largely cut. The begun to rot vegetables and fruit cannot be given categorically.
that juicy forages spoil quickly therefore they need to be thrown out in time.
Cannot give the citrus (including oranges) defrozen and boiled vegetables! Also sweets belong to the forbidden products, greasy, spicy and salty food, is rare, potatoes, fresh bread and a girasol.
In winter time can be offered as a source of vitamins to small animals germinated oats, branches of a mountain ash, a linden, an apple-tree.
can be the Source of calcium a chalk piece.
to fill a lack of salts, buy in pet-shop a mineral and salt stone for rodents and place it in a cage.
of Gerbils feed 2 times a day. Serving size — 1 tablespoon. You should not overfeed small animals.
It is desirable for
to include in a diet on a constant basis boiled egg white with shell pieces.
Is possible (but it is not obligatory) to indulge a gerbil with a live cricket.
Though in the nature of a gerbil is not drunk, in house conditions it is necessary to provide them continuous access to fresh clear water.

Cultivation of the Mongolian gerbils

the gerbil can bring to
In house conditions 2, and even 3 dung a year. The brood, as a rule, consists of 4 — 5 cubs.
Breed gerbils from early spring to late fall.
the Female reaches puberty in 2 months, and in 4 months can already bring cubs.
pregnancy Duration at gerbils — from 23 to 45 days. The similar dispersion is explained by the latent (hidden) current of a cycle at females.
the Male of a gerbil can live together with a female and posterity.

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