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Before buying any pet, future owner should think properly whether he will be able to take the responsibility for his contents. It is worth knowing not only about the main reasons to get a hamster, but also about features of care of this small animal. Each pet possesses not only advantages, but also has certain shortcomings to which it is necessary to be ready.

 the main reasons to get a hamster

Species of hamsters

There are many species of such small animals and each of them has the distinctive features.

as the Most popular hamsters are considered:

Chinese Hamster

Dzungarian Hamster

  1. Chinese . Loner pets. They not really need communication with the fellows, it is better to place these kids separately, than groups. Such animals can be very aggressive with relatives, however in the relations with people they behave frostily, at the appropriate address become peaceful and friendly. Their maximum size — 10 cm in length, is graceful animals, their bodies remind mouse more. Longevity — 1.5−2 years, but at high-quality leaving can live up to 3−4 years.
  2. Syrian . The fine choice for families with children. This look is also called golden. The Syrian hamsters 20 cm in length can make some of the largest, the size of a rodent. It is interesting that female there are much more males. They have small tails, tiny eyes and amazingly capacious zashchechny bags which make these small animals very lovely and amusing. Life expectancy makes 2−2.5 years, but at good contents some individuals can live up to 4 years. As well as the Chinese hamsters, it is worth holding them separately from relatives to avoid fight for the territory.
  3. Dzungarian . The beautiful tiny small animal leading a nocturnalism. Can live in groups. The tamed animal behaves very friendly and lovely, but being something frightened, can bite, for this reason it is better not to turn on them if there are small children. The size of a small animal — 8−10 cm. This is very quick and brisk pet, it is necessary to watch him carefully during walks, otherwise then the kid should be looked for very long.

You should not settle an animal in a usual cage for rodents, it is so tiny that with ease will creep in a gleam between rods. The average longevity of an Asian hamster — 2 years.

of Advantage of small animals

Hamsters perfectly are suitable for contents in room conditions.

there Are 10 main reasons to get a rodent:

Keeping of a small animal

Pets Can Eat Animal and Vegetable Food.

The Hamster Runs in a Wheel

  1. Keeping of a small animal is very useful for children. The child will be accustomed to be disciplined and will learn responsibility.
  2. Hamsters with ease are tamed, but quickly wean from hands therefore that the animal was friendly, it is necessary to communicate as often as possible with it and to take it in palms. It is possible to accustom a rodent is food from hands and to respond to the name, but it only at correct "education".
  3. Unpretentiousness in leaving. The hamster needs to be lodged in a suitable cage, to feed 2 times a day and to clean the dwelling of times a week. Pets do not need to be walked, bathed and combed out. They do not need shampoos and expensive toys. Kids do not miss if owners long are absent at home.
  4. Pets can eat animal and vegetable food. It is possible to find a special forage in pet-shop. It is possible to feed a hamster with bread, fruit, vegetables and greens. The small animal needs only 10−20 g of food a day therefore one packing of a forage will last for a long time. It is impossible to give to a hamster food from a table, especially fried, fat, sharp and salty.
  5. Hamsters give a set of positive emotions. These are very interesting animals who never sit in place. They like to play and run in the wheel. When such kid sits on hands and trustfully looks at the owner eyes beads, all alarms and grieves of last day leave at once.
  6. Cultivation of rodents is informative for children. When hamsters have a posterity, it will be interesting to child to observe how tiny mother cares for kids, and all in a month small lumps turn into adult fluffies.
  7. Among a big variety of breeds it is possible to choose a hamster on the taste. Are considered as the most popular Syrian, Chinese and Dzungarian. Robovsky's hamsters the tiniest, their maximum length are 5 cm. They differ in a lopoukhost and to aspiration to collectivism.
  8. Small animals are almost not ill. If rodents do not freeze and do not suffer from a heat, they will live the short life healthy.
  9. Cheaper than a hamster only snails of an akhatina. The cost of a small animal is 100−500 rubles depending on breed and age of a rodent. The cage and accessories will cost 1−2 thousand.
  10. It is kind, sociable and sociable small animals. They quickly get used to people, love the owners and willingly play with them.

What is important, hamsters are not sensitive at all.

Shortcomings of rodents

Each owner is responsible for the living being who he lodged in the house therefore before buying a hamster, should be learned also about minuses of its contents:

How to Clean the Dwelling of a Rodent

Care of a Hamster

  1. At low-quality leaving in the apartment the unpleasant smell inevitably will appear. However this problem can be avoided if to clean the dwelling of a rodent once a week.
  2. It is better not to bring the pet if in family there are small children. Kind of parents explained to the child that the small animal is not a toy and he does not need to be thrown and squeezed, there can be an accident.
  3. Hamsters are active at night and can rustle. But if to stop a wheel in night-time, rustling and footfall of a tiny animal will hardly wake the owner.
  4. Rodents can bite. If to an animal it is terrible, it tries to be protected. The hamster has only one way to secure themselves — to use teeth. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to treat only accurately the pet and not to do so that he was frightened. But if the potential owner is afraid to be bitten, it will be perhaps better to buy a guinea pig.
  5. Certainly, an essential shortcoming is short life expectancy of these small animals. For children can become a big stress when their favourite pet whom they looked after 2−3 years dies.

Hamsters are the unpretentious rodents who are ideal for the contents in house conditions. These are the lovely and amusing small animals giving to the owner a daily charge of positive emotions. As well as any pets, they have the merits and demerits.

Having got acquainted with pluses and minuses, everyone will be able to solve, whether he should get such animal.

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