• Aug 29, 2019

Nothing human is alien to U.S. Presidents. And among them there were many passionate dog lovers …

Washington had about 30 foxhounds.

of Barbos of Lincoln FIDO of veins in Illinois as the president was afraid that the dog will not transfer the road to Washington.

For the airdale Leddi Boya Harding got a handmade chair, and for Birthday of the friend invited all dogs the district to birthday cake from cookies.

Coolidge's Menagerie included 12 dogs, 4 cats, raccoons, a burro, a lynx, canaries, a goose and a mocker.

Coolidge and collie Rob Roy

Hoover was a notable dog lover with 9 pets too.

Hoover and police dog King Tat

Roosevelt had several dogs. During one of receptions a pit bull terrier Pete tore trousers of the French ambassador. Roosevelt saved the situation, having apologized.

From all dogs of Franklin Roosevelt the most known — the Scottish Terrier of the Line who acted in the movie about everyday life of a dog in the White House. Besides a rank of the private of army, it had a personal press secretary. A line it is buried near the favourite owner.

Truman is known to

for a statement: "Do you want the friend in Washington? Get a dog". Thus regifted the cocker spaniel of Feller what it was criticized for.

Khrushchev presented

to the daughter Kennedy Pushink — a puppy of the well-known Arrow. The family loved dogs and built near the house the playground for barbos. And upon return of the president home he has to be met with pets.


, found at gas station, on a photo sings together with Johnson for the ambassador of Great Britain.

At Nixon there lived a cocker spaniel of Chekers, Wicky's poodle, Pasch's terrier and the Irish setter the King Timakho.

They say, Ford had a special signal which he called up the retriever of Liberti when he wanted to finish a meeting quicker.

Reagan had 7 dogs.

the Best-seller of a springer spaniel of Bush Sr. "the Book by Millie" was written by

to the first lady and described life of the White House eyes of a dog. It was sold better than the biography of the owner.

Labrador Buddy Clinton became famous for wars with the president's cat.

the Scottish terrier of Barney Bush Jr. had own website.

Obama could not take

Because of an allergy of the daughter a dog from a shelter, and in 2009 presented to family a puppy of a hypoallergenic Portuguese water dog. It was called by Bo, later to it took Sanni of the same breed.

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