• Nov 8, 2018

The Signs Connected with Animals Experts in the field of studying, observation and collecting national beliefs and customs claim that the most exact are the signs connected with animals. Let's consider what signs will tell us about the future events in our life and will help to be saved from dangers.

  1. On behavior of a cat it is possible to forecast with ease the weather on the near future. For example, if the cat lies in the warm place even if at home warmly – means soon on the street very much will become cold. If she looks for a dark corner or hides under a bed – there will be a thunderstorm soon.
  2. The Signs Connected with Animals the Cat cannot be taken in a long journey as it promises misfortune. This sign recognizes that this animal long since was considered as a symbol of family heat and a cosiness and to carry away it from the house – means to leave it unguarded and protection.
  3. It is impossible to kill ladybugs as on a sign it is considered that it promises long troubles and lack of money. This belief appeared in ancient times when the ladybug was considered as the defender of crops. She ate a plant louse and by that saved a harvest. To kill a ladybug – means, to be left without harvest.
  4. If the sparrow is knocked on a window or flew to the house – shortly the family will be comprehended by a great grief. Since bible times this bird was considered as damned. Was considered that it was created by a devil.
  5. If the butterfly got to the house, she cannot be killed. She needs to try to be sent to will. Otherwise in family there will be misfortune. The butterfly long since was considered as soul of the died person, and if not to let out her back – spirit which lives in it will harm members of household.
  6. If the fly got to food – shortly it is possible to wait for a gift. And here a fly in the house in the winter – to the dead man.
  7. The Signs Connected with Animals If ants were brought to the dwelling – it promises family wellbeing and monetary prosperity. If black cockroaches – to unprecedented wealth, red (Prussians) – to efforts and troubles were got.
  8. to See a fox or a squirrel – means receiving shortly bad news, but it will not be obligatory truthful. These animals by the nature are cunning creations therefore also signs with them are connected with hypocrisy and deception.
  9. the Cat long washes – on a threshold there will be guests soon.
  10. If the toad lodged in a garden or a kitchen garden – you should not banish this animal. This sign means that the family is waited by huge happiness.

The Signs Connected with Animals Each animal is unique and unique. These surprising beings are capable to feel and expect what is not given to the ordinary person. We need only to listen to them, to watch their behavior and of course, to protect them. They are capable to slightly open to us a secret veil of the future and to save us from unforeseen troubles.

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