• Aug 26, 2019

Appeared in our family a kitty by nickname Malvin not so long ago. Very beautiful British girl. We took her from professional manufacturers for the subsequent cultivation and, of course, love and a cosiness in the house. The cat incredibly beautiful, clever and tender, the wife about such also dreamed. But it was not without strangenesses which I to this cat any more at anybody never saw.

A Story about a Cat Malvin Who So Likes to Bathe that She Left All Family without Compote Once

To complete the picture It is necessary to tell about as far as Malvina hates bathing in the bathroom. We bathed her only several times for her short life, and every time it was heavy fighting. The first time, without knowing that it waits for us, we unprepared put a cat in a bathtub and began … In 5 minutes we with the wife ran out from the bathroom all in scratches and blood, and for us wet Malvina jumped out. After that we did not see it day, and in the bathroom it was necessary to change a blind for a shower as she reminded fir-tree tinsel more after cat's claws.

But as it appeared, the relations with water at our cat quite good, here only from the bathroom did not grow together. And we understood it when I came into a toilet in the morning, and Malvina … in a toilet bowl on a belt sits there. Both laughter, and sin. Also learned to lift a toilet bowl cover. It turned this trick several times, left wet marks on all apartment, well and there were we after this case a door in a toilet on a latch to close.

Our cat did not become puzzled, began to overturn the bowl with water and to roll in a pool. We long thought what to do, but found an exit. Bought a metal dog support for a bowl, it very heavy, to turn it the cat not in forces. After that we were sure that it is not necessary to wipe constantly wet traces on all apartment any more and to dry a cat, but as we were mistaken …

I from parents brought once two buckets of berries from which the wife decided to cook compote for the winter. Two pans with compote remained to cool down on a plate, and we left all family on a visit. We would know what waits for us on return home … Probably cat's soul could not reconcile to the fact that it has no more access to bathing procedures, and turned a pan with compote. It was something! All floor in kitchen in compote, a cat – wet, dirty and sticky, in wool pieces of berries got stuck here and there, the underfur was felted to pieces.

We washed a floor the whole hour, brought a carpet to a dry-cleaner, and the cat had to be washed with fight in the bathroom. This time we were well prepared, put on thick clothes and gloves. Now we think, can equip to a cat own bathtub, but not that look, and once borsch on a floor will appear?

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