• Dec 18, 2019

my cat – the full-fledged personality. Huge, fluffy, important and very tender. A name Vasily very much to it goes. Sometimes Vasya, sometimes "Vaska-besstydnik, climbed on a table again". We perfectly get on. The animal protects the house, remains for the senior when I at work, joyfully welcome guests. Often come the way of Kot small presents: a mouse with a smell of cat's mint, a ball with a hand bell inside. But my shaggy friend not only loves guests for pleasant surprises.

Stroke a Cat

Koteyka adores real-life communication and a talk. If we discuss something with friends, he here: sits on someone's knees and rumbles as if inside he has a small motor.

Once the friend appealed to me:

the Terrifying story with a happy end about a cat who liked to share

– Buddy, it is possible to work for you? My computer was capricious, it was necessary to take to repare, and the project burns with a blue flame.

– Come, of course, about what a conversation! I today houses, work though till the morning.

Vasily was delighted to the guest. Went around, told about the difficult cat's life. Rubbed podgy sides about jeans, leaving on them wool shreds. The molt, does not rescue any Furminator.

I went to kitchen, a teapot to put. Kotofey inspected the flat dish, reproachfully looked at me and left, having contemptuously pulled a tail.

There came the silence. The friend worked, the cat kept him the company. I set the table, but to call the friend decided to drink tea later. On myself I know that from the project you should not tear off the person, especially time passed a little.

As a cat Shapoklyak learned the fan Shui and discomposed our neighbors

I hear – my companion talks to a cat. Leave supposedly do not disturb. Again silence. Then again, already with voices raised – leave supposedly a cat, in an amicable way I ask! So, I think, now my fluffy will take the answer-back measures! And precisely, in about five minutes the friend from the room shouts:

– Listen, your cat is engaged in an outrage!

– And what is the matter?

– Armed RESET pressed! Not to enter now, the computer demands the password. And I do not know the password! What at you?

From kitchen I report:

– Stroke a cat!

– Yes me have no time to iron it! It is necessary to work!

I come into the room. My Kot lies on a table as the barin, only glazishcham sparkles. I took it on hands, and I say to the friend:

As the saved kitty arranged with private life to the hostess

– The password such at me: pogladcota. Gather, work quietly.

He laughed, again started working. Was in time in time, the project excellent turned out.

We sit in kitchen, we drive teas, Vasya purrs the pesnenka. Quietly, comfortably.

– Stroke a cat, means? The unusual password, such you will definitely not forget! – the friend laughs.

– Yes, Vaska always of armed RESET presses if he considers that not enough attention to him is paid! Everything is correct, be not lazy, stroke a cat!

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