• Dec 24, 2019

is thin, gentle, trembling creation, extraordinary tender and modest. It was presented to us on the eve of New Year. Very unexpected, but pleasant surprise, though usually I against similar live gifts.


And still this charming creation sank to me into the soul the huge naive eyes at once. It was necessary to love it – unostentatious, but purring as the diesel generator, modest and surprisingly clever.

And the most amusing that, despite the New Year's emergence, Marquis is hated by the main attribute of a holiday – a New Year tree.

That year we put the green beauty late – consider, a day before a holiday because there was not enough time, forces. And here day off dropped out, and we decided to decorate the house. The marchioness still grew roots at this time in the apartment and especially did not poke out a nose anywhere, except the bedroom.

As the strict cat of Tosh received a name of the famous tutor Makarenko

The fir-tree was put in the hall, though were afraid how the cat will react to a tree. Nevertheless know this special love cat's to toys, tinsel and a rain. Generally, put, but looked.

And as the cat left the shelter only to eat, and persistently ignored attribute of New year, we also relaxed. But toys nevertheless hung up above – out of harm's way.

Having grown roots somewhere in a week, Marquis began researches of the new territory. A fir-tree she also first avoided everything, expanding the borders gradually.

And here, on the eve of Old New Year when on TV twisted the next time "Twist of fate", Marquis decided to get acquainted nevertheless closer with green piece, unclear for it. At first she just sniffed at the lower branches and did not try even to try them on tooth. And still we strained a little.

As I attached the found slop cat directly to Paris

The marchioness slowly bypassed a tree around, having decided, probably, that the strange green piece for it does not pose any threat. It was rubbed a little-headed about branches and lifted up eyes. From a big glass golden ball looked something shaggy at it and unclear.

Further everything was, as in slow-motion shot. Tried to realize couple of seconds of Marquis that occurs. Then in horror jumped aside, having made a start all four paws, and having in passing fluffed up a tail to a condition of that brush for dust swipe.

In the landing of Marquis clings a hinder leg and a tail to the last loop of a garland – plus one more stress. Having published a chilling cry, the poor cat jerked from the nightmare aside, shaking paws and getting out of a trap.

At this moment we had to catch threateningly the swayed fir-tree. Having been frightened also of us, the poor Marchioness jerked at full speed away from terrible piece and flew with running start by the head precisely in a chair.

History of one kitten who took offense at punishment and began to revenge

It was thrown aside, trying to escape in our room, and it was flattened to a floor by a back of the same chair. By miracle only damaged nothing and did not break!

Having escaped from under a back and, losing on the run wool scraps with fear, Marquis hid under a bed in the bedroom. Hour we unsuccessfully tried to entice the poor cat who in horror hid in the most far corner.

We sorted a fir-tree in the same evening.

With the Marchioness everything is good. Only any New Year when she sees terrible green something, growing in the middle of the room out of the blue, the cat shows discontent with the curved back, the tousled tail and prompt jumps on the cat's affairs.

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