• Dec 12, 2019

of Lyusya — my favourite cat. Now it has slightly more than a year. It differs in ability to carry away things, and to hide them in the most unexpected places. This is a great shkodnitsa and an izobretatelnitsa: will pull down a lid from a bottle, the handle will grab directly in the face of the amazed hostess. Especially behind it the love to candies is noticed: will carry away "production" in the corner and will rustle until most bothers. Candies interest it a little, probably, the attention is drawn by the rustling candy wrappers. Will not always come to the reasonable person to mind to guess all her mischief. Here one of such "adventures".

A Story about how My Cat Nearly Left Me without Car

Once I overslept. To me to gather for work, at least, an hour. Rose in 10 minutes prior to an estimated exit from the house. Quickly put on and made toilet. In view of a morning stress noticed not at once that keys from the car were gone. Already being going to open a car interior, bethought: it is necessary, the gawk!

Returned, searched all apartment. Is not present anywhere! Neither in a case, nor on a coffee table. Looked behind books — the same result. At me panic already began: I am late for work, and it is necessary to prepare the report still. Keys disappeared without a trace. Where could they get to? Not the brownie carried away, the word of honor. But there is nothing to do. There is no choice. It is necessary to go. I am already going to call the taxi, having decided to postpone search of ill-fated keys until evening. And here I notice that Lyusishka suspiciously long digs in a tray. Sheburshit as if took in head to dig over all filler. I approach to look in what business.

And here the most interesting begins. I petrify from amazement. At a cat in teeth car keys. Looks at me guilty eyes, and then quickly runs away, having given up loss on a floor. Ah, here it that! Means, it hid keys at itself in a tray! Found to itself an amusing bagatelle moreover and thought up such original way to hide object of "crime". And waited until the door is closed behind the hostess to play with a new toy. As to understand was once, it was necessary to postpone the educational moment until evening. And after work the alumna tenderly met me at doors. Rubs about legs, loudly purrs. She so apologizes when she does a lot of mischief. The bootlicker from it still that.

Such kitty at us — direct and talented, and still incredibly bright. I did not begin to abuse her. On eyes it was visible that she understood everything. Now, when I should look for keys, Lyusya defiantly conducts to the tray and mews. Probably, wants to tell: "I there is nothing here, I took nothing".

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