• Aug 24, 2019

Kot Vasili in family appeared seven years ago absolutely accidentally. Our meeting – a banal story. Once in the autumn evening I went after work home. Lil terrible heavy rain, and near our entrance sat a small red lump and shivered. I even paid attention to it not at once, but when saw it, heart trembled – so it was small, wet and unfortunate.

Ai da Vasca! The cunning cat found a way to show to the hostess that it is much more useful than a puppy

By the way, I always was against animals in the house though children also asked. I in the childhood had a cat whom I very much loved, and after her death to look at other animals to me it was very sore. Besides, it is heavy responsibility, and we both work with the husband, there is not enough time for everything, and here still pets …

I nevertheless took a kitten, but with the resistant purpose to wash him, to feed and attach in good hands. So I also made, however when time to leave came, children howled and refused to release a fluffy and the husband besides rose on their party.

I thought and decided to leave a kitten at our place. He was cheerful, playful, tender and incredibly lovely. He was fallen in love by all family.

Over time little playful Vasca turned into fat and lazy Vasili. Food and a dream, a dream and food were its only entertainments. Occasionally he agreed to pull a paw the toy tied to a stick, but it was related to a miracle at which all our family was going to look.

That year at the son anniversary – approached 10 years. He constantly asked to present to him a dog, but I did not agree, in the house there is a cat and to look after a puppy there will be nobody, all on my shoulders again … But kind the grandmother with the grandfather decided to please nevertheless the grandson and handed him at the height of a holiday a box with little Charlie.

I at once saw that our Vasili was shocked by the events. He scaredly looked at the new resident from a case and could not understand that he for fluffy something runs on the apartment (he did not go outside, was especially domestic cat and never saw dogs).

Since then real war began. The puppy was very active and playful and perceived a cat as the friend, constantly trying to play with it, slightly bit. It terribly was not pleasant to Vasya, he continually strove to climb there where the puppy could not get it. Our cat frankly was jealous and was angry.

Once I woke up, left in a corridor and saw an unusual picture. The puppy naprudit a pool directly in the middle of a corridor, and our Vasili … sat next to a mouse in teeth! Earlier he never hunted – it was no need him and excess weight prevented to run quickly. But here our Vasca decided to show everything that that it is much more advantage, than from Charlie.

He slowly brought a mouse to my legs, accurately put and looked to me in eyes as if asking "See, from me it is much more advantage, than from this puppy?".

Then I was surprised as far as our cat clever. Just, as they say, motivations were not enough to show the abilities. Since then I try to pay identical attention to both a cat, and a puppy that none of them had to prove the devotion and love any more.

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