• Jan 21, 2020

We with my sleek-haired fox terrier constantly met on walking a Labrador.

 the Labrador sits on a ladder
Once the mistress of a Labrador told that she wants to lull a dog. Responded to my bewilderment that from a Labrador badly smells in the apartment. At that very moment I understood that it is my dog, and just took away a lead from the owner.

— Why to you to lull a dog — I told — give it better to me!
the Hostess tried to argue, but as a result the dog appeared at me.
However from the first day it became clear to
that not everything is so simple. The Labrador was all in spots from an allergy and as it appeared subsequently, at unfortunate creation paws were once broken (and are not plastered). The hostess who was already explained that the dog was pinched a door, however injuries demonstrated that it was not the door, but the car.
So began my polyonymous Alma's way. Houses her are called by Alya, Alyushka, the Ray and when she very strongly messes up – the Mare.
 the Labrador gives a paw
we Were treated long. On treatment left about a year and how many it was spent money, I am even afraid to remember. But not for a moment I did not doubt that it is worth it.

We with Alma go side by side more than 6 years. She became the 10-year-old old woman whom I worship. There are problems with health, we keep to a diet. Alma is often hurt by paws, and then she comes to me and puts the paws to me that I did massage.
If to me needs to leave with
(for example, in a business trip), the dog goes on hunger strike and starts over again eating only after the conversation with me on Skype or by phone.

I do not know how its and my fate would be if Alma did not get to me, but the fact that I have it – huge happiness. Despite everything endured, I rejoice to every minute spent with it.

A for it the most great happiness there was an emergence in our family of the child. When my daughter was born, Alma decided that she had own human cub for whom she bears full responsibility. Still she goes to bed under a children's sofa that if the baby, God forbid, falls at night to hold up it the soft back. They put on packs and a beads, play ballerinas and are absolutely happy.

Ya is convinced that at my dog a worthy old age.
 Labrador puts out the tongue of the Photo are made by Tatyana Prokopchik especially for the "Two Legs, Four Paws, One Heart" project.

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