• Jan 28, 2020

in Volgograd occurred on February 26 major fire in one of high-rise buildings. Fire destroyed several apartments, there were victims and among people. On extinguishing ignition several hours left!

But firefighters save not only people! In one of apartments there was a cat. The rescuer by the name of Nikolay noticed the animal lying on a floor and immediately took out it on the street. The poor creature inhaled carbon monoxide and did not give any signs of life.

cat, fire, rescuers, Ministry of Emergency Situations, massage of heart

the Firefighter noticed that the cat still breathes, and right there began to do it indirect massage of heart. The second rescuer started helping Nikolay.

He grabbed a cylinder with oxygen and brought it to a muzzle of an animal.

cat, animal, pet, Ministry of Emergency Situations All this
occurred in the face of the uneasy hostess who very much worried about the pet. cat, pet, fire, pet, Ministry of Emergency Situations

Having inhaled oxygen, the kitten right there regained consciousness! Incredibly, but the animal began to breathe independently!

The poor creature was transferred to the hostess who did not hide the emotions. The woman threw off from herself a down-padded coat and wrapped up it an animal.

cat, pet, fire, Ministry of Emergency Situations

"Right after it we quickly carried a cat in the nearest veterinary clinic. Doctors stuck to it anti-shock medicine" — the hostess told.

Now with the pet everything is good. In several hours he completely recovered.

This surprising rescue of an animal got on video!

Source: ​ mur.tv ​​​

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