• Jan 22, 2020
the Happy dog says hello

from the house to all who worried about it two years ago.

In the summer of the 2017th in Dedovsk to dachas the thin fellow – an adult dog of breed to Cana corso was beaten. Whose it and from where undertook, nobody knew. The dog of aggression did not show, it was not banished, fed up, looked for owners.

 corso, dog, house, floor, carpet Photo: instagram.com/corso_comanda/?hl=ru

Семья in which country house Kors temporarily lodged named him Archibald. Spoke, to the guy will surely carry with such proud courageous name. But people could not keep a dog and asked for the help volunteers of the Moscow team of the help of "CORSO-TEAM" to Cana corso.

The dog appeared noble blood. About origin recognized by a brand. Archie – from nursery "From a dynasty of champions". Sobaken was at that time five years old, and called Lyokha. By the way, the manufacturer E. Gaydukova, having learned about the incident, at first paid overexposure for a tail.

 dog, pet, street, summer, grass Photo: instagram.com/corso_comanda/?hl=ru

Also circumstances on what the dog "was deserted" became soon known. The first owner of Lyokha got to prison. And the pet was not necessary to the wife, and she gave a doggie to some people in Dedovsk. Probably, Archie-Lyokha also escaped from them. But those did not even try to look for a dog: there were no announcements of the gone tail neither on the Internet, nor on streets of the small town situated near Moscow.

Archibald, fortunately, not for long was neutral. New owners were quickly and took away the guy home. By the way, continued to call the pet Archie. Considered: this nickname suits a doggie and brings him good luck.

 Kan Corso, pet, dacha, street Photo: instagram.com/corso_comanda/?hl=ru  Archie's Curators are glad to

for it. Note how the tail recovered: it weighs not 30 kg any more (such thin his volunteers saw KORSO-KOMANDY for the first time). And the satiety and a happy careless look "suit" a doggie.

Be happy
, Archibald, in the new life!

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