• Dec 1, 2019

Cats seldom get on with dogs peacefully. Usually main the one whom owners love more. But in this family owners loved animals equally, fed in time, slippers did not drive. Only барбос lived on the street, in the doghouse, and the cat — in the house, is closer to kitchen and a sofa.

As the Kind Cat Timofey because of the Friend Sharik Nearly Took Off on the Street

Timosha, so called a cat, was kind and tender, behaved decently, did not spoil a rug, did not bring mice in a master's bed. In the evenings climbed up knees to the head of family to pomurlykat and elicit delicacy, and went to work to the shed at night, to send rodents.

Sharik was a good dog with equal, not cocky character too: regularly protected the yard, marked the territory moderately, was content with a porridge bowl without additional privileges, in time, free from protection, heated the elderly stones on the sun.

As spheres of influence of Timofey and Sharik were not crossed, there was nothing to divide them especially. Here also lived peacefully and almost in peace and friendship.

Somehow the head of family began to notice loss of socks. Earlier it happened too: you will put couple in the washing machine, and you get one. And next day the wife finds "poteryashka" in a blanket cover. But this time everything was somehow strange. Perhaps, in the summer would also not notice. But autumn dank slush and cold gave an inconvenience to bare feet. Socks vanished with enviable regularity, passing the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner, sometimes at once in couples.

The owner became thoughtful, then as the skilled soldier, mentally broke the territory into squares and carried out a total search of each of them. Alas, search gave nothing.

Members of household did not believe in emergence of the poltergeist therefore quest "find father's socks" took all family. Search was conducted several days. The owner with irritation understood that the winter is closer and closer, and socks less.

Once having returned from work, the frozen and tired head of family noticed that Timka does not meet him at a threshold, and somehow strange presses close under a sofa. Having decided that with an animal something not so, the owner began to look narrowly. The cat held something in teeth and tried to hide. "Really in the house mice were got? It is not enough them a barn!". But having got accustomed, understood that Timosha holds in teeth no other than his sock.

Having restrained with the last bit of strength not to spank the pilferer, the owner decided to track him. The hope to find deposits of socks gave to the man forces. But the rival having a tail was cunning. Having waited until the family together with its head sat down to have supper, the cat slipped to a door. Where to it was to know what is already observed it by all family members.

Having made the way on the street, the fluffy bezobraznik rushed off to the dog doghouse and got into it without the slightest obstacles from Sharik. It seemed that the dog looked forward to the guest.

Who the thief and where socks disappeared, it became clear. There was a question — what for?

Having interrupted a dinner, all family proceeded to the doghouse where found considerable quantity of material evidences in the form of father's socks. It appears, the careful domestic cat dragged master's things to the doghouse to warm the freezing Sharik. Members of household remembered that they to the shame did not take care of heating of a dog lodge where Sharik continued to freeze at the cold winter nights. If not his friend — a cat Timofey.

On pleasures the father of family announced amnesty for the little fluffy pilferer and even awarded him with a big piece of meat, so to speak, for vigilance and care of the neighbor.

A dog Sharik received though an old, but warm plaid as a laying to the dwelling. And Timofey now always the welcome guest in his doghouse. However, he for some reason seldom uses it.

All socks from the box were withdrawn, carefully washed and transferred to more reliable place of storage. Or not all? It would be necessary to glance to the hen house whether it is cold to chickens there.

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