• Sep 20, 2019

my wife Olya long asked me to get a cat. I not really love animals – from them wool, a disorder, the smell and is a lot of efforts. To the veterinarian it is necessary to drive, tablets, a stern, to have a rest just like that it is necessary not to go, attach. After about half a year of arrangements I gave up. Got a kitten, the wife chose black with a white breast and in white "socks".

As because of a Silly Joke I Quarrelled both with a Cat, and with the Brownie

Over time I got used to it though I grumble when he sleeps in a bed, our with the wife, – I for this purpose bought a cat a lodge, but, it seems, he decided that the double bed and an orthopedic pillow belong to it, and I can go to a lodge. A cat - a cat: runs - jumps, sometimes scratches wall-paper. Olya bought to it the whole mountain of toys different: mice, balls, small fishes, and this mountain is regularly replenished.

But we noticed that sometimes the Tambourine behaves extremely strange: runs-runs and suddenly fades on one place, eyes become twice more and look in one point. He can spend about half an hour in such state, and does not move absolutely, becomes similar to a soft toy, does not even blink. On a nickname he does not respond, – ignores balls and food, will switch him by nothing. Then he as though the button of the panel is included and regime of an ordinary cat joins anew – runs, plays as though not he just sat and resembled a soft statue.

Here at the weekend the wife left to the girlfriend on a visit, and the neighbor taking an opportunity, decided to pay to us a visit to look at soccer and to drink beer. Well, generally, we sit, we watch a match, we drink beer, we support ours, the Tambourine came to us, sat down and again included "statue", having stared in a far corner of the room. My neighbor is Borka, told that at us in the apartment there lives a brownie – spirit such, the host. While there are no residents, he watches that with the house everything was as it should be. And the Tambourine sees it and thus communicates. I frankly laughed because I work as the programmer and I do not believe in brownies, the baba-yaga and other mystical evil spirits. The cat went just crazy, only and everything, I took him and threw off on a floor from a sofa because bothered.

If I knew, than it will turn back, I would think three times. The tambourine hissed though before it never was, and then I saw how the bottle turned in itself. Thought that it is not necessary to drink any more, and that any nonsense already seems. The match came to an end, I saw off the neighbor, but some devilry began to be created at home.

Ware fought daily, some steps, noise and knocks were constantly heard at night. Rose with the wife broken, the Tambourine began to run away, bite and scratch from me. Olya began to cry.

Shared a problem with the grandmother neighbor. She told that we have problems with the brownie and he should be cajoled: to ask forgiveness, to pour to him some milk and to leave a little porridge in a plateau, to invite to have supper. And made, more problems of the house were not and I so ceased to joke. I ask to give the Tambourine to the brownie hi, every time when it "hangs".

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