• Dec 14, 2018

that at an entrance walls are used up They say that the cat in the house changes the owner. And this is true – we learned in it by own experience.

In our house there lived the grandmother who was the most real problem for all other inhabitants of the house. She was always dissatisfied with something, and did not hesitate to show it. Not vandals, and by all means the modest fellow Kolya from the first floor are guilty that at an entrance walls are used up. And, of course, his parents who badly brought up it.

And then at our entrance kittens appeared. All residents objected to them – will do the things at an entrance, the entrance will turn into a garbage can. Also other arguments were adduced. Fortunately, there was a little girl who through social networks found owners to almost all kittens. Except one.

This kid had something with an ear and nobody wanted to take it. And the granny in whose existence of warm human feelings already nobody believed unexpectedly sheltered it.

Since then life of all entrance changed. In the grandmother care, love and caress woke up. She began to care for the kid, fed him from a small bottle as small child.

Though the kid was weak, she selflessly cared for him within several months – and she managed to put him on legs.

But the kitten managed what is much more important. He forced the grandmother to remember that she really is necessary to someone that there is a living thing which cannot do without it. She changed, became kinder and even as though looked younger. And all of you still believe that cats are just pets?

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