• Jan 24, 2020

became on October 1 for Millerov in very unlucky day. Their family learned about the scary diagnosis of the pitoyets – found cancer in an incurable stage in their 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier of Jack. But so far Millera do everything to fill his life with adventures, fun and joy.

At the weekend they struck the next point off the list of affairs – to sweep in the police car. Jack was given his own police vest and took with themselves on patrol survey of the local park. There Jack managed even to play a little with children and other dogs.

the list of affairs includes a set of activities. For example, a dinner from a stake, a picnic in the park, a heat by the boat and a set of trips to the beach.

Since the hostess at the request of subscribers placed the list online, Millera began to receive calls from very many people wishing to help.

Someone took for a drive Jack on the boat, and one family invited Jack to their farm where he could get acquainted with animals. Even offered him free class in surfing!

Not indifferent people brought to Jack toys.

The head of family, Jeremy Miller, says: "He is my brother. My best friend. He helped all of us to pass through the most hard times. But he asks nothing in exchange, except love. That's all that it is necessary for him. It – our everything, our world".

For now Jack and his owners continue to strike

off the list of business and to give to Jack joy, smiles and hope!

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