• Sep 14, 2019

my student's life did not differ in anything special. Every day lectures, seminars and colloquiums. On a desk of the mountain of textbooks, the used-up notebooks and notebooks, and in the folder computer with a set of the presentations and documents. I get higher education in the sphere of the international relations. Always dreamed of this specialty.

As I Attached the Found Slop Cat Directly to Paris

Ryzhik's Rescue

In the cold rainy morning after a cup of hot tea and feeding of two of my cats I went to institute to couples. The car traffic promptly increased, noise of the city distracted from thoughts of the forthcoming examination.

Having turned into the lane near educational institution, I heard frightening sounds. Several stray dogs drove a small red cat into a house corner. I sharply grabbed the big stick lying at bushes and started saving a poor animal. Good luck was on my party, dogs scaredly escaped. The red lump began to rub about my legs.

Having taken a cat on hands, I found on him blood and wounds. Having quickly called the taxi, we with an animal went to veterinary clinic. Damages were serious. The doctor imposed four seams and processed him from worms. Leaving, healthy nutrition and the warm house was required for a cat. The saved Ryzhik went to live to me.

Spiteful fellows

At home my cats Vaska and Barsik not strongly were delighted to the new inhabitant. Though they were picked up from the street too. Everything began paws with loud hissing and blows. After the carried-out procedures in the Saffron milk cap clinic could not postpone new fights therefore its main stay was in kitchen. I had to watch constantly a door between rooms that cats could not contact.

The new pet madly was pleasant to me, but I decided to look for to him worthy family. He deserves the loving owners and comfortable stay. Having taken several pictures of Ryzhik, I began to publish announcements of search of the house for it in social networks and at forums.

Requirements to candidates were serious. I was very much frightened by different news about improper treatment with animals. I wanted to make a right choice and not to be disappointed then in the future.

Frenchman, lectures and new house

Ryzhik lived several weeks at me in the apartment. The relations of my cats remained the same. Every day I checked the announcements and waited for the suitable owner.

At institute interesting time began. To us there arrived the teacher from France for holding lectures. This country, its language always attracted me. But nothing could distract me from a story with Ryzhik. During study I did not cease to trace news on phone.

After the Frenchman's lecture all students already left from department, except me. I was so keen on the smartphone that the teacher approached me and began to be interested that so distracts me. I had to tell all story of a cat and to show him to the photo.

The great miracle turned out that the teacher too madly loves cats. The story about a poor animal so touched the Frenchman that he wanted to take away it with himself to Paris. I brought Ryzhik to institute next day. The new owner fell in love with this solar and red animal even more. In several days, having processed all relevant documents to flight, the teacher brought a cat to the capital of France.

Several times a month we are written off with the owner Ryzhika. Though now he is called by Dzhindzh. The pet became well-fed, well-groomed and happy. No wonder, he lives in the most beautiful city in the world in several quarters from the Eiffel Tower, breathes the French air and became the favourite in the new family.

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