• Aug 29, 2019

Very few people know that Brezhnev had a personal chetverolapy bodyguard. The cat appeared at the secretary general in 1969 and was a gift from Dalai Lama with whom he got acquainted on time of a trip to India. Then the spiritual leader predicted to Leonid Ilyich danger of death in the future and presented a black cat who had to save the owner from a trouble. Only the owner and obligatory could feed with crude meat the pet. The cat was called by Lama and allocated the personal room in the house.

The same year Lama for the first time saved to the owner life. On January 21 the government train followed on a meeting to the Kremlin. Contrary to custom the car of the secretary general went at the end of a column, but not at the beginning. All because since the morning the cat was awfully uneasy, went for the owner and plaintively mewed. Having remembered prevention, Brezhnev changed sequence of cars at the last minute. At Kremlin gate the man opened fire at the first cars of a train with a cordon. As a result the driver died, several people were wounded.

In 1971 Lama refused to release the owner to Paris. It turned out that the chairman of KGB covered information from Brezhnev on possible attack on heads of both states. The truth was opened thanks to a cat, and the secretary general cancelled a trip. And in two days in the press information on the preparing attempt and arrest of instigators appeared.

The third time the cat saved the owner when because of Lama's concern the secretary general did not go in the morning to work. Protection went to Moscow on a shift change without Brezhnev and had an accident. The soldier sitting not the place of the secretary general died.

Spring of 1982, contrary to Lama's cautions, Brezhnev went to aircraft factory. At 13:23 during the meeting the woods around one of planes collapsed. The secretary general survived, but, having come back home, he learned about death of a cat. At 13:23 Lama who went mad for nervousness jumped out on the road and was run over by a car. Brezhnev took death of the pet hard and died later the same year.

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