• Aug 27, 2019

the British cats clever, differ in soft temper, not importunity. They will patiently wait when they are fed and caressed. This breed is called still intelligent. My Frida – an exception to the rules.

As My Cat Thief Decided to Share Production and Nearly Brought Me to a Faint

As at me appeared Frida

I dreamed of a cat long ago. Studied information on the Internet on breeds. Stopped on the British. The character bribed them. This cat breed differs in good breeding. Even little kittens from the first days go to a tray and get used to a kogtetochka. If there is no owner the house, they will not begin to spoil furniture, to jump on curtains and to cry out heart-rendingly, and will sleep most likely.

The important role in my decision was played by my friend. It works in nursery. And they just had a British kitten. I took away the kid and named Frida.

Impudent thief

The kitten, however, began to bring upon me a lot of trouble. I long could not accustom to go him to a tray. It scratched a leather sofa. But not this most terrible. Because of Frida I quite often got into awkward situations. My cat was also a thief. And she stole only from neighbors.

When I left for work, this cunning fluffy smart aleck clambered on a balcony handrail and got into the neighboring apartment. Once I observed this picture. Left an entrance and I see how my cat it is proud walks on a handrail and jumps off on the sweetest Anna Gavrilovna's balcony. The other day the old woman complained that she brought the brownie who steals food: "I will put sausage on a table, I will leave kitchen, I come back, and there is no food. The brownie ate".

Then in the apartment unfamiliar things began to appear. Ball of threads, children's toy, scrunchies. Knowing about tendency of a cat to theft, I quickly understood from where paws grow. Having taken in one hand the wretch, and in another a package of things, I moved off in searches of owners of the stolen good. All neighbors had to tell about the unusual thief. Frida in the right place of history plaintively mewed and did a sad look. Then she was forgiven. Reached that when neighbors could not find something, they came to me at once.

Frida hunter

The British cats are excellent hunters. My knave decided to show also it.

In the summer I sleep with an open balcony. Frida sleeps at me over the head on a pillow. Once I woke up because that felt something wet and cold. It is unlikely it is a cat. In the head one thousand guesses from which threw into sweat rushed. Having jumped from a bed, I turned on the light. From what was seen there was a wish to take a cat by the scruff and to return to nursery. On a pillow the proud thief with a happy muzzle sat, and nearby lay полуразмерзшийся a piece of meat. So-so production. The criminal waited for a praise, but got it on the nose.

After this case Frida became an exemplary cat. In the best traditions of the British breed. Theft stopped. I can note that the British really clever. In it doubts I did not have any.

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