• Oct 7, 2019

We live many years in the private house on the quiet cozy street. In Soviet period neighbors on such small streets were a big close-knit family: visited to each other, celebrated together holidays, helped with a trouble. And now all neighbors of each other well know, but communicate seldom. Alas, in the modern world work takes away many forces, sometimes on communication just there is no time left. Of course, we can be thrown with neighbors in couple of phrases or help something if they ask, but no more than that.

As on Our Street at Three Owners in One Day Cats Were Gone

And here to our porch the cat, beautiful – not to express in words was beaten one morning. From below all white, and from above – as if the raincoat is thrown a light gray shade. And eyes as small lakes. Sits, poor, mews, listens spellbound to us, understood that hungry. We fed a cat and went to work.

We come in the evening home, and the cat everything sits in the same place, expects us. We with the husband sat down, all seriously discussed and decided to take away a cat to themselves. Why not? We live together, we have no pets after the death of a favourite dog for a long time, and the cat will brighten up everyday life. Especially, such beautiful and tender. Generally, the cat was let in home and named Stepan.

Stepka accustomed quickly – defined the place in the house, quite often slept with us, ate with appetite and periodically left to walk. We were very glad to the new resident.

But in couple of days I went from work and involuntarily paid attention to the announcement of loss of a cat – on a photo our Stepa flaunted, only called him Tisha there. I thought that it is other cat. Perhaps his brother from one dung, painfully is similar.

Through ten meters – one more announcement. On it besides a photo of our cat, but a name required – Vaska. And at shop I met kids which showed to all passersby our Stepa's photo and asked whether saw who their Tsarapka.

Here I strong became thoughtful. Returned back, rewrote numbers from announcements and called. Invited people to herself home to a cat to look, on the road took children too. And what was our surprise when all recognized the favourite in our Stepashka!

It turned out that this thought over a tomcat lodged in several houses at the same time, ate different goodies in a threefold size, had a good time. And to us, probably, came to have a rest because in his other families there were children – noisy and restless, and at us it is quiet and peaceful.

We divorced all owners of a cat peacefully, decided what let goes to everyone when wants. But nevertheless he decided to remain with us as nobody pulls it a tail and does not bother during sleep. Only sometimes Stepa-Tisha-Vasya-Tsarapka leaves on a visit to other families.

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