• Dec 15, 2019
the Law of cat's obedience is not opened by

yet. But some especially conscious cats sometimes apply methods of national pedagogics of Anton Semyonovich Makarenko to establishment of an order in cat's family.

As the Strict Cat of Tosh Received a Name of the Famous Tutor Makarenko

So it happened that to two of my well-educated cats, the Lace and Toshe, it was necessary to admit for a while to family "young growth" in the form of three kittens squabblers whom I picked up on the street. At first sight, to kids was slightly more than a month – such age when mother cat already ceases to feed them, and independently they are able to get to themselves food poorly. Kittens were bright though strongly thin, yearned on the street. My teacher's heart clenched, could not pass by and took away fluffies home in hope to dodyskat for them "kind hands".

Tasha and Shnurok right there undertook education of juveniles – "here do not lie", "when I sleep – do not disturb", "do not touch my pot", "on a lap at the owner do not take the place" and so on. But it did not stop kittens. They quickly adapted and began to frolic at first on a carpet in the room, and then and on all apartment. Seldom it was possible to reach kitchen, without having stepped on one of them and without having heard heart-rending "myayayaa".

Little bezobraznik exasperated the languid and eternally sleeping Lace and terrorized patient Toshki's tail. Kids did not stop even at night, continuing to jump on furniture, destroying everything around. I was only surprised to pedagogical endurance of my adult cats.

Only hunger could discipline little bezobraznik. When there came feeding time, I went to kitchen, and the chain of having a tail obediently tried to keep step with me. While I cut meat, cats young and old landed a semicircle waiting for feeding and greedy watched each movement of a knife. Once the smallest zinger was tired to wait and began to reel up hasty circles around me, and then with running start jumped on a finishing table. Having explained that to cats not the place on a board for meat, I returned a bezobraznik to group of expecting. But, it is visible, the kid did not understand because in a second he was on a table again. I put a knife again, I wipe hands and I remove a kitten from a table. In couple of seconds the zinger again on a table. So some more minutes proceeded until my patience burst.

The next time, having sent the zinger to a floor, I addressed all cat's society: "Until small calms down, the forage will not receive any of you!" I do not know whether I informed of sense them, or everything was clear on my tone, but tricks of a little bezobraznik stopped. Much surprised, I lowered a view of having a tail: the kitten costs on "low start", trying to jump, and Tosha holds it a paw by a tail, having strong pressed to a floor and the kid looks so reproachfully supposedly, calm down, and that I will stand in the corner.

A week later I managed to attach small squabblers in new families. But since then Tosha went for increase and Anton, in honor of Anton Makarenko, the teacher-tutor began to bear a proud name.

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