• Jan 21, 2020

of our cat Mickey. To it approximately 9 months. Children found it on the road on October 17 and left on the landing. I was called by the friend, asked about the help. Sent photos: the animal was in an awful state. I understood that it is urgently necessary to help. So Mickey became my ward. The cat was attached on overexposure at once. And in December I took away him to myself.

 a cat, a pet On a photo: cat Mickey and his hostess, Darya Talyko

your cat special. How does the lack of sight affect his life?

It very much differs from other cats even on character. Originally very much you feel sorry for this tiny being because of a blindness. But later you understand that the cat leads absolutely full-fledged life, and the feeling of pity recedes. Mickey jumps where wants, lifts up a dog, spoils furniture more abruptly than any cat.

the Lack of sight is compensated by other sense organs?

When it at me appeared, I was concerned by many questions: where to put a tray how it from a sofa slips and how jumps? I had a panic. And Mickey quickly enough accustomed meanwhile. Then already and began to climb on a fir-tree.

 a cat, a pet On a photo: Mickey's cat

What habits at a cat?

Mikey very much likes to steal pancakes, fritters. He listens that he is told, but likes to do to spite. Very much loves water: to bathe, sit on a bathtub, to thrust the head under a crane stream. Sometimes sleeps in a sink. Also it has dog habits. Mickey has the lodge, but he sleeps in dog. Plays with dog toys and steals them.

As your dog and a cat get on with each other?

When we brought a cat, my dog, of course, was shocked. She is very jealous. Now tries to avoid a cat: Mickey exasperates her. There are, of course, lovely moments when they sleep together, can lick lips, but Mickey, as a rule, lifts up her.

 a cat, a pet On a photo: Mickey's cat

your life changed with the advent of a cat? And whether it affected in what you are engaged now?

Outlooks on life exchanged precisely. Other cats began to be pleasant. There is a wish to save such here, unusual.

At the moment I supervise 2 "stikhiynik", I help elderly people. Constantly about 20 wards. Everything began with the fact that I just fed up cats, and then understood what needs to be done more. And here at me already 20 wards.

Tell about how you found Mickey's clone in America?

I am signed on several blind cats in Instagram. To the also created the account. It was for moral support more. And here the Instagram began to offer publications, and I came across that cat. At first thought that someone copied photos and this is our cat: even the interior was similar! But, if to get accustomed, then it is visible that at that cat and a mimicry another, he is slightly more senior. Here so too happens.

 a cat, a pet On a photo: Mickey's cat

Darya expresses gratitude to all who helped with Mickey's rescue as financially, and support. "Without the aid of people I would not cope".

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