• Sep 13, 2019

We live in the private house and we keep Vaska in quality of a pet of an ordinary domestic cat. We brought him not only for love, but also for catching of mice who in the house more, than are enough, and in the shed and even less so. Vasya copes with the direct duties of myshel on assessment 5+. Catches mice every night, happens and on 5 pieces in a night finds, brings on a porch and tails in one party in a row puts, and invites us in the morning to look at "production", in an award receives from me or the wife an entertainment.

As Vask's Cat Got to Us a Dog

It is more nothing special our cat differed, ordinary such striped cat which much on streets runs. At the night of mice catches, sends other cats, sleeps in the afternoon, eats and sometimes plays with toys which we bought him much, sharpens claws about an old chair. Never stole anything unless at me few times pulled down fish from a bucket when I about fishing came, but I did not abuse it for it, all the same brought a small fish to it.

But here strangenesses began in our house. Small things like socks, kitchen towels and tacks began to vanish … I on it did not pay special attention, and the wife already began to believe that we lodged the poltergeist, even left a bowl with milk to it on a window sill (what our cat was inexpressibly glad to). One more strangeness – Vasya began to eat much more. That you will not put in a bowl, practically at once everything disappears.

My patience burst when my favourite boxer shorts were gone. I was sure that the wife is guilty, began to find out with her why things vanish, we even swore with her. And every other day the wife comes and calls me to the yard to look at something. We behind the house in a garden have an old box, earlier our dog the Ball lived in it, but he died about two years ago, so we the box also transferred back houses that on a tear at its look did not break through. Generally, we approached the box, the wife speaks to look inside. I look, and there the little puppy sleeps. On my favourite pants.

There was also at us everything on the places. Vasya stole things that to a puppy to warm the box, and he too to it carried food, but not itself ate. We were surprised very strongly because our cat did not differ in special tenderness, and here to a puppy like with all the heart, began to look after him, as the kitten. We conferred with the wife and decided to keep a puppy, if Vasya to it took a strong liking and the box free is available. Here so our cat to us a new Ball found which to all other was the excellent security guard. By the way, in the box they sleep together now, became friends not - pour - water.

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