• Oct 24, 2019

As the Cat Fowler Fedya known as Kruger Was Punished and Dishonoured

You are surprised, but we got a pet by inheritance. And there was everything so … Long time after the wedding we with the wife wandered on rental apartments and only dreamed of the pet as owners always were against we got animals in their apartment. If no, then no, we understand everything and there was no wish to pay us for the spoiled repair and furniture, money also so especially was not. Generally, we chose pets on the Internet, admired kitties, doggies, thought of a popugaychik and dreamed that as soon as there is at us own housing then we will get to ourselves a little kitten. But in the long term it had to happen not really soon.

The destiny disposed differently. We got housing absolutely unexpectedly — the aunt of the wife died and left the house in inheritance. We were madly glad, of course. But this aunt was a little strange and was stated by accurate point in the will that we will receive the house under a condition if with us it is necessary to live her favourite cat Fedya. Of course, and without it we would not expel him and nobody would be given, the will of the aunt played the last role here.

Fedya was a red well-fed cat, experienced, with the broken-off ear and a scar on all muzzle. It is visible that he took periodic part in fights. We did not manage to determine the age, but Fedya obviously was not for a long time a kitten.

With a cat we quickly found a common language — tasty fed, and he sometimes allowed to iron himself and in the evenings quietly purred nearby. Everything in Fedya suited us, and we even reconciled to the fact that in the nearest future we will not manage to get a kitten or a puppy.

But Fedya had one hang-up — he adored catching birdies. And not guilty titmouses and sparrows perished in his paws how much in vain, he did not eat them, will be played and will leave on the earth. And marrying mine — the big lover of all living beings to Earth, and for it each Fedino "murder" was a huge stress.

I quickly renamed a cat from Fedya into Kruger — as hero of the horror film with long sharp claws, he something reminded it. At the request of the wife also abused it, and closed houses, and even on the back shaggy once gave, but it did not stop Kruger — all of us also constantly found bird's little bodies in the yard of the house.

But once Kruger-Fedya himself courted himself a trouble … Usually he attacked only very little birds, but this time made attempt at a young crow. In paws of a tomcat of crows began to shout and escape heart-rendingly, and here to it several huge, black crows to the aid flied.

Further action reminded a shot from the fighter — crows beat a cat so that Kruger for fear was afraid and shouted. As a result of a crow beat off, punished Fedya and departed. Our cat home literally crept — scared, with the torn-out shreds of wool and mad eyes.

After this case Kruger rested in bed week at all ceased to catch birds and even if any silly little bird will sit down nearby, he will only look at it and will depart out of harm's way. And the truth is said that crows very clever birds, time could disaccustom with pack a cat of birdies to catch.

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