• Dec 22, 2019

last year before Christmas, as well as many romantic persons, I waited for a miracle. And it entered our house with the first Christmas star. Or rather, it was brought by my boyfriend, having solemnly pulled out because of a bosom. It was the charming fluffy kitten with a proud name Victor. I cried with delight and kissed a warm lump, all evening without letting go it. The kid reciprocated, without departing for a minute. It seems that he considered me the mother cat.

As We Protected a Fir-tree from a Cat a Force Field from Tangerines

The kitten quickly accustomed and began to behave outrageously. For the third day he from running start climbed up a fir-tree and sat there until it was removed.

From the third attempt to subdue "New Year's Everest" the fluffy hooligan squabbed on a floor together with the green beauty under a ring of the breaking toys. For as Vitka was lowered in a rank to simple. But every time when we pulled out the frightened kitten from under a sofa after its next trick, was enough one view of a favourite miracle that all rage disappeared. The little bandit having a tail quickly acquired that punishment does not threaten him and always used it.

Because of my cat the neighbor gave up a booze and now sings in church choir

And there passed nearly a year, all lives in our apartment already adult, very beautiful, but the same rowdy-dowdy cat. Remembering Victor's relations and fir-trees, we with darling decided to do without New Year's beauty this time. Somehow to create festive mood, I dragged a big package of tangerines from supermarket.

Having taken seat on a sofa waiting for series, we with darling decided to replace habitual popcorn with vitamin C. Vitka by this moment already peacefully snuffled on a cushion. I took tangerine and began to clean. The aroma quickly filled all room. The same minute the cat jumped, is frightened hissed and dashed away to the bedroom under a bed.

We perplexedly exchanged glances. With a tangerine segment in a hand I moved off in searches of the pet. But he refused flatly to come back and got out of a shelter only by the evening.

Put the grown fat cat into a diet, but the Peach gave a big surprise

Similar reaction was shown every time when we decided to regale on tangerines. It became clear that Victor does not transfer a smell of a citrus. Then we had an idea how to neutralize a cat and to meet New year with a fir-tree.

All dressed up the forest beauty three together: we with my boyfriend hung up toys, and Victor stole New Year's spheres and with a roar sent them on the apartment.

Idyll continued until darling did not bring a package of tangerines. Victor suddenly became on hinder legs and measurement in a pose of a gopher, looking in a package. Having felt a smell, the offended cat retired under a bed. We decided to create the protective field around a fir-tree and spread out around it tangerines.

the Mother-in-law thought that I went crazy when I weighed our cats

As We Protected a Fir-tree from a Cat a Force Field from Tangerines

Already several days Victor even close does not approach a fir-tree. Discontentedly mews, but does not dare to cross "the bewitched tangerine circle". His hatred to citruses is meanwhile much stronger than love to Christmas-tree decorations and garlands. We hope that in such force field our fir-tree will live also about Old new year.

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