• Oct 8, 2019

Ya dreamed of a snow-white cat long ago, but did not decide to get everything in any way. My doubts were dispelled by the husband – he presented to me a charming Persian cat by the name of Sultan. The first impression was positive as it was such beautiful that it is impossible to express in words.

As We Two Times Bathed Our Persian Sultan before an Exhibition

I fell in love with Sultan at first sight. He very much loves caress, even sleeps in my bed. Also he is extraordinary clever. Adores when it is combed. The husband says that Sultan, the Persian snow-white cat, – an exhibition copy. Honestly: such fluffy, clean, it is unreal beautiful.

And still he likes to bathe. Even the ordinary cat needs to be bathed sometimes, and the Persian needs it, he cannot carefully lick wool. Our long-haired handsome should be bathed not less than 1 time a month. As we accustomed Sultan to bathing since the childhood, he quickly fell in love with this procedure and just adores bathing. However, we bathe him seldom because dries long. Well, very much he has dense wool.

We decided to participate in a cat's exhibition: we had no doubts in a victory. And, frankly speaking, there was a wish that people saw our Sultan.

At first we carefully combed out it. Then cut claws: so to speak, preened feathers.

Washed up a muzzle a wet warm towel. The husband carefully wrung out hair of a cat hands. Dried several towels in turn. Tried that the cat did not get under a draft and did not catch a cold while dried. Dried the hair dryer and combed wool. Then the husband was engaged in the commonplaces, and I went to a balcony that to hang out wet towels, Sultan followed me – to be aired.

He sat on a handrail, just watched how sparrows bathe in a pool after a rain and tease each other. Snow-white handsome, Sultan glanced at them, glanced and suddenly sharply jumped down, from the second floor.

I did not manage to come round – so quickly it occurred. And he sprawled in the middle of a pool with big pleasure and lies – happy. Sparrows indignantly chirp, but it, probably, it concerned a little.

And it was necessary to bathe him again, to pull out pebbles and garbage from wool. We spent for it two more hours and did not release one balcony any more.

On an exhibition, by the way, were in time and home happy – with a victory came.

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