• Jan 21, 2020

One more amazing and shrill history for me is story of Bobbie.

my husband rather was tired of circulation of animals in our house, and I promised that the next three months in our house there will be no dogs, except our own. Promised it at the end of January. And went by the minibus on the first of February and saw a post "At the station the hit puppy". Called the husband, he broke from work, went there, I instead of the affairs went to the station … too

Puppy … Actually teenager, and dichok. He lay, but when approached, tried on three paws уковылять. It was terrible … Both it is terrible to catch, and it is terrible to leave in such state …
On a result the husband ran in drugstore behind bandage to make a loop on a mouth. It was succeeded to record a mouth, I threw off from myself a down-padded coat, we clamped it and here so dragged in the car.

were Then purgatories. He did not trust us, tried to bite, and his paw needed to be processed constantly (there was a serious change, there were needles). I was angry, the husband was tired, hands sometimes fell. We invited the cynologist … 3 months of infinite fight for the right to touch at least it.
But time made the business. He learned to trust us, and we learned to love him. My little girls quite tolerably accepted him. However, there were at all no persons interested to take him.

A later was distributed 7, 5 months a call: "Hello, we concerning the announcement. The doggie …" I expected to hear "shchenochka, Batty, still somebody", already prepared the abstruse answer that are attached as heard continuation of a phrase: "Bobbie's doggie".

Inside something happened to
strange, almost like nervousness before a wedding: joy which is replaced by some other feeling. Whether all will pass as it is necessary whether I will manage to tell about a dog so that people did not change the mind and as I in general will entrust it to someone. Thoughts lived life, and language of the: long and in detail bore something about Bobbie. Exhausted. And here question: "And … and it is possible we now we will come to get acquainted with it?"

by the Shivering voice I say to the husband that in 20 minutes will come to meet Bobbie. It seems, Bobka understood. Began to fuss, peep. On-door speakerphone call. And here they are these first people who among such abundance of dogs, managed to notice it.

joyfully welcomes guests, keeps within on a sofa and demands pochesushka. We speak about something, but internally it seems to me that the result is clear. And yes. Bobbie leaves together with them. Victoria and Sergey – fine couple, probably, even in the courageous dreams I did not draw to itself such family for Bobbie.

Family which will be upset in the first day that our Bobka settled not on a bed, and only on a sofa. Family which runs during the lunchtime home to visit it. Family which made out in it to the fellow the dog.

Many thanks I want to tell
to those people who supported me. First of all – my husband who got into this adventure dragged Bobbie on doctors, helped not to lose courage. And actively did to Masha Smirnova who created group posts, to my favourite Katya Tolochko that listened to my snivels saliva that Bobbie made wonderful photos that visited us so many time, to Oksana Davydenko who together with us deliberated on February 1, kind of to catch Doggy.

Thanks to our wonderful cynologist / zoopsychologist Tatyana Romanova, thanks to lovely zoohotel and its hostess Sandra.

the List of thanks can proceed indefinitely. I remember all and everyone who was interested helped us a money, advertizing, council.

I, certainly, special thanks to Victoria and Sergey.

our boy found happiness!

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