• Jan 23, 2020

the Case when the drunk man threw out the French bulldog from window 5 of the floor of the house in Zheleznogorsk, struck hundreds of people.

the court sentenced

of Responsible for this awful incident by 229 o'clock obligatory public works. But than the dog for whom diagnosed concussion of a brain and an internal injury will be helped by these hours?

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When a dog appeared at volunteers, the call about the help to a poor animal was at once thrown. People from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and even from Poland and Germany responded.

Thanks to them, a dog was succeeded to leave, but it forever remained with paralysis of pelvic extremities.

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returned to normal Life of a bulldog who was called later by the Bulldozer. But it is heavy to speak about norm when the dog completely lost sensitivity of back extremities.

Usually to dogs with so strong damages is very heavy to find the new house. And volunteers worried that the Bulldozer any more will never feel heat of the house and love of the owner.

But miracle occurred: the buldozhka was taken to herself in family by the participant of group of the help to the French bulldogs, Elena. Months of restoration, daily massage and sets of exercises helped the Bulldozer to learn to stand and go spinal gait!

Now the boy enjoys life in Ulyanovsk together with Elena and the brother, too a bulldog.

 a bulldog, clothes for dogs, the French bulldog photo: vk.com/wall-74103499_86068

History of the Bulldozer is a confirmation that the love works wonders. In its case the caress and care helped to return to full-fledged happy life.

we are sure by

I that hundreds more of animals, are enough suffered much for the life, will be able to find happiness if we are not afraid to give them warmly!

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