• Sep 5, 2019

Lived in our family a cat by the name of Vasily. Why Vasya, but not the Lord, the Boss or Marquis I will tell now. We went somehow with friends to the small river. Organized fishing, shish kebabs thought and began to have a rest culturally. After a while our leisure was inconsiderately broken by loud children's laughter and plaintive miaow.

Business plan of a cat of Vasily: as all village of a cunning cat feeds

Judging by a sound, nearby some children tormented a kitten. I shouted at them that left an animal alone. I was not heard or ignored. To teach other people's children – occupation ungrateful, this business of their parents. On the other hand, if not to talk some sense now, that is the probability that when grow up, they will offend not animals any more. With these thoughts I went to help out the sufferer.

Suddenly, the loud splash, peals of laughter and sounds of splashes sounded, but is already more silent. Having approached is closer to the river, I saw the following picture. In water desperately fighting for the life, the kitten floundered. Several boys of years 9-10 were thrown in him by stones and loudly laughed when they got.

Having approached closer, I loudly took an interest why they scoff at an animal. Boys turned tail. The educational conversation did not turn out. Having come on a belt into water, I pulled out the poor creature from the river. It was very small and hardly live. My hand was not raised to leave it ashore, it was necessary to take away with itself. On family council decided to call a kitten Vasily, in honor of Chapayev who fought for the life in the river under enemy fire too.

The cat, big, red, moustached, important grew from a kitten. The actor, for what else to look. Overlooking the yard, he often started hunting for birds. It was an impressive show. Having waited when the audience gathers, Vaska defiantly accepted a pose of a predator: dropped to the earth, kartinno crossed paws, without forgetting to estimate reaction of people around. And when the victim escaped, it very clearly showed that so all and thought.

Somehow time Vasya caught production. Whether the pigeon got very lazy, whether the cat decided that it is necessary to show result who knows? Happy with himself, the red hunter it is proud showed the trophy to me and my daughter. The child in tears, it is a pity for a birdie. It was necessary to calm and for the sake of appearances to abuse a cat. After this our animal as if changed, hunting stopped, he ceased to work for public, began to ignore birdies completely.

In the summer in the city very hot. At this time be there is a strong wish closer to the nature and far away from closeness. For rescue from heat and city bustle, we went all family to the grandmother to the dacha. To leave Vasily there was nobody therefore the cat was taken with themselves. The granny had a strong economy. A kitchen garden, hens, geese, pigs everything be all right. One trouble – field mice. Rodents divorced so many that they became almost natural disaster. Gnawed vegetables on a kitchen garden, dragged a bird's forage, darted about on the house. The local cat was already old and did not cope with gray invasion. Therefore mice felt quite freely.

Very much it was pleasant to our pet outdoors. There was a lot of new, interesting and unusual, – so much it was necessary to study. The cat ignored mice. For it got it in the neck from our grandmother. And once, can be with boredom or under the influence of instincts, Vaska tracked down and caught a little mouse. Is did not become, brought a trophy home and put at a door, sat down and began to wait for our reaction.

The first it was noticed by the granny. She very much was delighted to the fact that the cat began to work the харч. Having encouraged him for it with a saucer of fresh cream.

The next morning the red hunter brought one more mouse. Probably, expected to receive a lawful award. But, this time it was only stroked behind an ear and all. The mouse was thrown out in a garbage container which stood behind the house. A bit later, returning from shop, I noticed how our Vasily rummages in a trash can.

The cat was fed well, hungry he should not be. It became very interesting to me that he looks for there. Through some time our pet got out of a tank with a trophy mouse in teeth. Having indulgently looked in my party, it with advantage proceeded to the neighbour's yard. I went afterwards.

Through a low fence it was visible how this red speculator shows the production to our neighbors. To my astonishment, for demonstration of the work the cat was treated kindly and is fed with something.

I told houses about Vaski's enterprise, all laughed. But it was not the end of history. In the evening other neighbor came and began to praise highly our fluffy businessman. Refuses, then Vaska and her brought a little mouse to show, for as received a tasty award from her. We laughed again, but did not begin to issue the business plan of a cat. The ingenuity has to be encouraged. After that, every morning until the end of a summer season our red businessman caught mice, brought the trophies to us and to neighbors, the sly fellow in three houses was fed at once.

Vaska was decided to be left to live at the grandmother. The cat became the main thing myshelovy in the housing estate. In the fall neighbors opened its successful business model, but did not begin to become angry and continued to encourage for successful fight against gray wreckers.

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