• Dec 29, 2018

of the Cat – beings really magic. They are able to treat us, to save from a depression, to lighten the mood and to create houses a cosiness. And still they are the most real predictors. What signs are connected with cats?

of the Cat can bring into the house of guests

First, they also do it when wash to themselves a muzzle. But there is also one more curious sign. If you want that the guest returned to you again, just put a down scrap from a tail of a cat to it on a shoulder when it leaves (we hope, it not in a black woolen jacket).

of the Cat are able to forecast the weather

Will accept on this subject much – here the most known:

  • the cat curled up in a ball – to a frost,
  • the cat sleeps, having extended – to heat,
  • the cat hides the head – by a rain or bad weather.

of the Cat can bring good luck on fishing

The catch will be excellent! And still they can feel a storm – for example, the English seamen always took having a tail with themselves for safety.

Cat's signs: and you knew about them?

of the Cat can bring also misfortunes

Not everything is so positive – negative signs with cats are too (though hardly they should be blamed for it). All know about a sign that the run across cat brings misfortune – though as speak, it is right only in case the cat runs from left to right.

And in England there was a zhutkovy sign that cats cannot be poured water, especially to children – made it can not live about mature years.

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