• Dec 8, 2019

Once upon a time there was a woman. Kind, hard-working, but madly lonely. It had girlfriends in youth, but then life scattered them over the country. New girlfriends were difficult to be found: all have children, husbands, and then and grandsons. And our heroine did not get family. There were no general subjects for a talk with friends.

While it worked, it was not so boring. Communication with colleagues, office parties. And then time to retire came, and she began to grieve. Wanted to get a dog and neighbors as on selection, harmful appeared – did not suffer noise. And the dog will bark or howl when you go to shop.

Cat soup: a story about how the little coward cat in one day class=

The woman thought to take home a cat: let cats and not such friendly, as dogs, but all the same one more live soul in the apartment. Here and the case turned up.

At cold April night plaintively the little kitten under windows cried, overstrained. Time is later, nobody went to help it. The woman became agitated, began to go nervously up and down. Terribly at night of one under windows in others front gardens to climb for a kitten. But she got it together, and, having taken a lamp, went to look for the poor fellow.

There was she on a sound, being torn through pink bushes and a dogrose of neighbors, got confused in a decorative fence, but found the kid. The small red lump hugged the house wall. "Oh, mischievous will be. Red all such", – the rescuer thought, but did not refuse the idea. Pulls hands to a kitten, and he the back moves back, hisses and is spat. Took off a jacket, threw over it. Got!

A jacket grabbed, pressed to itself and run to the apartment. In captivity the kitten heart-rendingly shouted – probably considered that the end to it came. Having run home, it let out him in a corridor. The kitten to the room was thrown and was gone under a sofa. "I will name Vaska as the red cousin was called", – the woman solved. The jacket had to be thrown out – tore apart all lining in panic.

Poured some milk in a saucer, chickens in a pan nibbled and left about a sofa. Decided not to get Vaska that get used could. The kitten under a sofa spent two days. To eat and drink left at the nights. Sometimes utrobno howled. Bass, though small. Then accustomed, in a week already completely studied the apartment. To survey especially and there was nothing. On hand there was a room and kitchen.

The hostess the kitten did not favor, played sometimes with her, but no more than that. To stroke plainly it was not given, turned out, left. "The introvert got", – the hostess was upset. Took to the veterinarian, the cat was completely healthy. Complained to the doctor of unsociable character of the pet. "There's nothing to be done, it is necessary to wait when itself becomes kinder", – he answered. When time has come, brought to sterilization that he did not suffer within four walls and did not mark corners. Transferred well, did not even take offense then. Behaved, as well as usually – it is discharged.

And two of them lived. Sometimes together TV was watched, and sometimes and in a window as life by passes. The kitten clever and accurate appeared. At once recognized a tray, did not leave "surprises" in secluded corners. But the character was heavy, he did not love the company.

When Vaska grew up, he to himself found entertainment – to play hide-and-seek. The hostess will come from shop, and there is no cat in the house. Everything will search – disappeared. Sits, cries, thinks, slipped in a door when left. And Vaska in three hours sleepy gets out of a box with vegetables – slept there on onions. And so cunning hid that you will not find – for itself covered a cover. In a case will climb on the top shelf, behind caps will hide, for the screen in the bathroom will slip.
But most of all liked to hide in kitchen – painfully there places secluded much. And smells pleasant. What only also did not think out. Lower got into cases: a paw podkovyrnt, will climb for kitchen utensils, and the locker itself is closed by means of the closer.

Liked to sit at curtains and if by you pass – a pad through fabric will scratch that did not relax. It was frightened, of course, not without it. And God ordered to climb on a kitchen wall: on wall-paper will get into cracks between the refrigerator, it will be turned out by the eight – прыг and above! Look for it there, at height. It was necessary to call long it and to be nervous – age after all. The woman wanted not it. She needed the friend, but not "ghost" in the apartment.

And lived a cat with the woman. Whether there is a cat in the house, whether is not present. But the case changed everything. The woman decided to weld on to herself cherry compote. Liters ten, that with a stock. Got the biggest pan, put on a plate to be heated. And itself in kitchen pie prepares, is engaged in the test. Out of the corner of the eye observes how Vaska sneaks on eaves, tries to jump off on a table-top. It prepared, napruzhinitsya, but did not calculate – the hinder leg slid. Jumped, and instead of a table-top directly with hot water got to a pan. Ten minutes it was heated – not boiled water, but degrees fifty precisely there was. Shouted, was chosen, turned a pan, ran under a sofa, reserving wet pools.

"Cat soup almost turned out", – the woman thought. Crying and laughing, ran to check how there the poor fellow. This time Vaska gave itself to pull out and to consider. While examined and wiped, the cat mewed without stopping, told about the trouble. Fortunately, it was without burns.

Left it, went to wipe water. The cat stood in the doorway and shouted a bass, warned about danger. It was worth taking the ill-fated pan in hand, a bullet to the hall was thrown, frightened of it.

The whole week the cat avoided kitchen. Then slowly began to come there. Will sit down on a chair and watches that his hostess prepares. Became tender, from hands already and does not leave. Makes up, about legs rubs – and not only when asks food, but also in general, between times. About a hide-and-seek forgot almost. Happens, will get in the room into the secluded place as earlier, but it is worth calling it, leaves at once.

So the trouble cat's reconciled the hostess with red. Probably, he considered earlier that she stole it from the front garden. And then understood that the hostess to it not the enemy, but the friend.

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