• Jan 21, 2020

U us in the yard somehow got two cheerful soroka. Probably, was to them boringly, and the irrepressible temperament demanded entertainments, and they solved, having united, to take business of a variety of leisure in hand … wings … well, generally, to be engaged in it independently.

I the victim looked after – a local Angora cat who left to walk in itself through a window of the first floor in the mornings. They waited until the cat comes to a path or will settle on a bench, and then began fun.

One of forty carefully crept to a cat behind and pulled him a tail. The cat with irritation turned to the offender, but at this time another of forty from the opposite side repeated the same trick. The cat was again developed … generally, you understood.

Entertainment could proceed very long, and periodically sorok began to laugh loudly naturally, and отсмеявшись, were accepted to the victim again. The cat so far exhausted completely did not get away in the most shameful way home. It was a pity for a cat, but sorok admired, and the show fairly amused.

They had a good time so every morning until the cat ceased to appear in the yard – whether gave up hopeless attempts to make a promenade, whether moved where. What became from soroka, I do not know.

More I in the yard did not see them. Perhaps, they moved to live to the nearby forest, or perhaps found somewhere the new victim.

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