• Jan 24, 2020

video from the surveillance camera on which the awful and heartless act was imprinted snared quite recently. On it the man throws the dog in the middle of the road and goes by the car.

Painfully to look at how the dog runs around the car, with emotion looks in windows, without understanding why the owner leaves his one.

For certain, the poor creature at first counted: "Perhaps it is such game?" .

Unfortunately, everything was seriously.

photo: boredpanda.com

Now absolutely young two-year-old dog whom volunteers called Snup looks for the new house. He feels well and is under supervision in one of local shelters. Veterinarians found out that it чипирован, and is registered already at two different families. However, investigators assume that other, informal owner threw it on the road absolutely.

Video: youtube.com/thesun

The opinion of the public was unambiguous – only the indifferent and irresponsible person so can throw a dog. Always the animal can find the new house where he will be desired, or, as a last resort, to give to a shelter where will look after him and will find new owners.

photo: boredpanda.com

Many people left also comments of other sort – with the story that quite so they also met the canine best friends, having taken them from a shelter or directly from the street after they were heartlessly thrown by their previous owners.

Let's remain people in any situation and to remember and that innocent living beings suffer and perish because of the person. Making the decision on need of the pet for family, be responsible for the acts.

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