• Aug 29, 2019

At the government yard not only authorized citizens, but also and brothers smaller serve. As it was during an era of tsars, emperors – we will tell in article.

The famous reformer Peter I besides his numerous colleagues had a court horse of Lizett. She received such "pretentious" name if to trust legends, in honor of the tsar's mistress from Saxony. Lizetta served huge service, saving life to the owner in battle near Poltava during Northern war. When Swedes were going to open fire, having surrounded before it the tsar, Lizetta sharply jerked aside, thereby having saved Peter I from wounds. And, in turn, in honor of a horse the little sleek-haired terrier – one more pet of Peter I was called.

1111 1, a horse, a pet, a wild animal

From Holland the emperor brought a cat to Vask. To the capricious favourite any tricks said goodbye, and treatment of him was imperial: any "shoo!" or "leave!". Only politeness and care. Also at the emperor were an enormous bullenbeyser by nickname the Tyrant.

Alexander II was a big favourite of animals. In the childhood future emperor had a pet by nickname the Hussar. The animal who is actually got by it carried the nickname Milord. Breed – the Irish setter. And at the time of the stay already the Milord, in turn, did not go back from the owner a step. In 1867 when the emperor went to an exhibition to Paris, having left the Milord at home not to lose, the faithful and devoted companion died. Could not take out long separation and died of a cardiac rupture.

 Alexander 2, a dog, a pet, a wild animal, the Irish setter

In family of Nicholas II very much loved animals. Dogs of Crows and Iman were favourites of the emperor from early age. Presumably, the Raven was breeds of a collie. And Iman absolutely precisely was a collie. When the favourite suddenly died from heart disease, the emperor took loss hard and did not bring pets any more.

2222222 2, a dog, a collie, a pet

of U of Catherine II lavretka were held in high esteem. All of them slept on sable fur coats. The best-known of them call Zemir. And life of the imperial favourite can only envy: the doggie rested in the basket cradle upholstered with the pink atlas which, naturally, was in personal rooms of Catherine. Every morning it accompanied the empress during walk across Tsarskoye Selo. The Italian greyhound in Tsarskoye Selo where the first dog cemetery in Russia appeared is buried.

 Ekaterina 2, lavretka, dog, pet

Dogs are favourite animals in Romanov' family since Catherine. and the faithful companion the laika Kamchatka was a favourite of the emperor Alexander III. Such name it was given by the name of the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky where found a dog. It was authorized to Kamchatka even to spend the night in the imperial bedroom in the Anichkov Palace that, however, caused discontent of doctors.

 Romanov, a dog, a laika, a pet, a wild animal

Died the faithful companion of the emperor during a train accident in which the imperial family by miracle escaped. Even years later after her death, the emperor did not cease to miss the favourite: "Unless from people I have at least one unselfish friend do not and cannot be, and Kamchatka was such!"

Thus, loyal canine friends accompanied emperors and their families on their hard way. And, if to believe the theory that pets are similar to the owners whether then there are a lot of similarities at the above-presented animals and their owners?"

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