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of the Dog at me was not long. Just terribly long – the whole five or six years. And I began to think that never and will be, despite all my attempts to convince parents of the return. But once there was a miracle …

As everything began

I do not know what angel whispered to my relatives that the child vanishes, but in one really wonderful May day we went to the Storozhevsky market where in those old times all who wanted to sell or get something four-footed or feathery lasted or just to take a look at different animals. As the father always assured then – if only to get rid of me.

We were already going to leave, so anybody and without having bought, but, probably, the Universe interfered, and absolutely accidentally our attention was drawn by the small concourse of the people staring at something incredibly small and amusing. It was it – the tiny grayish and red lump which was furiously battling against a lace of a boot of the hostess.

I fell in love with her at first sight, and, naturally, there was no speech also leaving just like that. We were assured that it is a thoroughbred dwarfish pinscher, purchase was made, and I solemnly dragged the new friend to the car. So we also met.

Young years

It is necessary to tell, we enjoyed all pleasures and delights of growing and awkward dog age wholly. Even after many years my parents with shudder remembered that they were afraid to come back home from work, expecting what expects them. And it is necessary to recognize that we got a puppy of rare ingenuity and enterprise.

No, as for schooling to purity, just with it problems were not. Elsie regularly went to the street and did not try to spoil a floor. The problem consisted in another: in the afternoon it remained absolutely alone. And, naturally, it was boring for it. Considering that all toys of type of balls, a pishchalok and other nonsense it ignored at all, and any games, both with people, and with similar, despised, it had to look for entertainments most. And it approached this question with all gravity inherent in it.

First of all the doggie decided to make repair in the apartment. Probably, the apartment seemed uncomfortable. Therefore, having chosen one of walls in a corridor, it began to tear off with it wall-paper, and, despite the Lilliputian growth, reached quite highly so to the first who came home the delightful picture appeared: the naked walls and small torn scraps of wall-paper which are accurately piled in the middle of a corridor. Elsie was extraordinary proud of the done work and very much was surprised when owners did not share her point of view. However she so just was not going to give up, and the same repeated next day, both on the third, and on the fourth …

So proceeded until all walls in a corridor did not begin to be quite pathetic show. However new wall-paper decided not to glue yet, and to wait until the puppy has done with the youthful follies". Just began to close doors to other rooms in the afternoon and assumed that, time from walls could not be torn off more, she will cease to be malicious.

Naive! Having started missing alone, Elsie examined a corridor more attentively, concluded that from walls, perhaps, already could not be taken, and decided to accustom us to an order. I do not remember any more whose boots fell the first victim, but footwear began to hide after that carefully.

Disappointed with the fact that any its initiative does not find not that support, but even elementary understanding, Elsie, however was not given. Once, having come home, parents with horror found cotton wool shreds on a floor. It appeared, it unstitched a door covering from below and pulled out all filler from there.

The following in unequal multi-day fight the chair standing in a corridor fell. In the beginning wooden armrests were eaten, then – legs are undermined, and, eventually, it was comprehended by a sad fate of a door – imboweling.

So half a year proceeded, and then Elsie very much changed. All dirty tricks remained in the past. And we received the best dog in the world of whom it was possible to dream.

" Good person of Elsie!"

So it turned out that to be engaged in purposeful training of Elsie in everything was a lack of time so except the teams "Walk!" and "Eat!" which she very much loved our dog was trained in nothing. However, it was also not required. Never – neither to, nor after – I did not happen to meet more than the living being who with such judiciousness and judiciousness would approach everything, would foresee all our desires, but at the same time did not lose self-respect. And Elsie was such.

 the Little dog and the girl on a log a black-and-white photo

the Photo from personal archive of the author

Certainly, she was not a dwarfish pinscher – an ordinary mongrel though it was possible to find in her appearance signs and a chihuahua, and the same pinscher. Perhaps, it was not really beautiful (though for me she remains the most charming dog). But absolutely precisely one – its brave, right, small heart would be envied by any lion. A three-months puppy she rushed to Neris and, despite a rapid current and quite impressive width, crossed the river when we were transported on other coast for mushrooms, and it thought to leave at several o'clock near a tent. And when we another time tied her there and several kilometers carried to the electric train my grandmother, Elsie ran behind car, having torn a lead, and found us at the station.

Where we went, it accompanied us everywhere, having traveled over all Belarus – from Brest to Orsha. But once we went for a week to Moscow and left a dog on care of my grandmother and when arrived, it turned out that she was seriously ill.

Or rather, we learned about it not at once but only next day, on the way to Neris. In the car to it it became suddenly bad. We stopped in the next village and found the veterinarian who reported that it has a pneumonia. And we began to carry every day Elsie on pricks. In the beginning to a dog it was absolutely bad: she not movably lay in the car, refused to eat and drink, however her will to live nevertheless won – one day, being unsteady from weakness, thin as a skeleton, she showed willingness to go with us to walk. And since then began to recover.

Elsie, as well as almost all mongrels, was very careful – was rather afraid of a thunderstorm, avoided other dogs and foreign people, however safely rushed to fight, without reckoning with superior forces of the opponent when rose in someone's defense.

But above all she liked to eat, and was a rare gourmet. When the dog was tried to be fed with soup, she accurately chose vegetables and put them the hill near a bowl, and then ate what is more tasty.

However, at all love to food, nevertheless remained a dog serious and incorruptible. Did not love strangers, and attempt to treat it from outside even our acquaintances were perceived as a bribe and personal insult that it also let know, bursting in the indignant bark.

In spite of the fact that earliest childhood Elsie differed in extreme gravity, sense of humour it nevertheless possessed though it and did not please some people as favourite its entertainment was them to frighten. Especially got to our neighbor from above, to the awful drunkard and a sobakonenavistnik. Elsie of drunkards in general hated, but he was dissatisfied with existence of dogs in an entrance still all the time and constantly shouted that all of them should be let on skins. Dogs in general are very sensitive to how they treat them, and Elsie perfectly understood that it is. Therefore every time when she saw it, crept behind and loudly said: "GAV!". Only once, but what bass! It was possible to think that there at least a sheep-dog or a Dobermann terrier. The neighbor in horror jumped up, and Elsie quite happy with went on the affairs.

In general she liked to create illusion of presence of a big dog in the apartment, trying to bark as it is possible basisty (the truth, sometimes the voice at it was strained and turned out almost peep), at the same time, as a rule, hid in a case therefore those who came for the first time always looked around, expecting to see something quite impressive and terrible, and very much were surprised when at last saw such small and absolutely harmless creation.

And still she was amazing mother – to both the children, and reception .

Elsie was miracle – the little glowworm who lit up our life. They say that children and fools speak the truth. My nephew, being two years old, proclaimed somehow: "Good person of Elsie!". Yes, so it also was.

End …

A name of Elsie – reduced from the English Alice – Alice though so nobody ever called her. But she entered my life as Alice – to the Wonderland, opened the new wonderful world, allowed to see that there is a love without conditions, friendship without treachery and fidelity without borders. "It as person!" — some exclaimed. "What clever eyes at your dog!" – we often heard from others. She was not just clever – she was wise. And dobra. Also loved this world. Probably, it was ideal.

It was near me the most part of my adult life, and I did not imagine the world without it. It seemed to me that so will be always and nothing will change. But everything changed – she died.

It left long and hard, perhaps, giving us the chance to accept it, to reconcile to its leaving, but these half a year were one of the most difficult periods in my life. It developed diabetes, kidneys … began to refuse

And still she wanted to live, very much wanted. But then she began pains, she groaned and cried as the person. And on June 13, 1998 Elsie did not become …

There is an animated cartoon which is called "All dogs get to Heaven". It seems to me that if there is paradise for people, then it has to be also for dogs, by all means – differently it is awfully unfair. In any case, I want to trust in it. Perhaps, I will believe in paradise for dogs rather. And if it so, then it is obligatory there – strong and healthy, is heated on the sun on a green grass, as always loved.

Passed many years. You get used to everything – and we almost got used to live without Elsie. Almost … But every time when I see at the dacha an old chair with traces of her teeth (a mark of "awkward age"), seems to me that from it, cheerfully wagging a tail steering-wheel, small red with white the doggie just about will jump off and will run up to a door, inviting to walk …

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