• Aug 29, 2019

In 1995 she became the first actress with the fee more than 10 million for the movie in Hollywood. In 1997 she played one of roles in the television movie "If Walls Could Speak" which brought it the nomination on the award Golden Globe. Also it was a person of a fashion brand of Versace and the cosmetic Helena Rubinstein brand.

One of successful roles of the actress is an image resourceful and courageous the female detective who it embodied on the screen more than once. To many audience, for example, her persistent heroine in the thriller about the serial killer "Who was remembered you are, Mr. Brooks", also her picturesque villain Maddison Li in the comedy fighter Makdzhi "Angela Charlie: Only forward". All this about the actress Demi Moore who, besides, is in the list of the well-known vegeterianets.

the Actress first was fond of vegetarianism only from the practical point of view – at such diet it is possible to lose weight and look much younger. Further the experiment developed into a habit, and now at Demi Moore there is a golden rule: only 25% of its diet are exposed to thermal treatment, she eats all the rest in the raw. In the menu of the actress – the vegetables, fruit, fresh juices, greens which sprouted grains and herbs.

At such power supply system the birth of three children did not affect a slim figure of the actress. And definitely does not look age.

Alec Baldwin

At cinema debuted in the soap opera by "Doctor" in 1980. On February 14, 2011 received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood at number 2433. Conducts the column in the online newspaper The Huffington Post . American actor, film director, representative of an actor's dynasty Bolduinov. Owner of the awards Golden Globe and "Emmie".


In May, 2011 to it made the diagnosis — diabetes. He at once took care of change of the diet, passed to a vegeterianstvo, and in passing — practiced yoga and Pilates.

"I ceased to eat with

meat still when I was about 13 years old, we had a calf and I fed him from a small bottle. I spent with it much time, even thought up to it a name. He was such darling, I treated it as to the pet. But once I learned that parents just fatten him what there would be more meat and it was possible to take away it on slaughter. After that I refused beef, and soon and meat at all" — Alec Baldwin tells.

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