• Jan 28, 2020

in the electric train St. Petersburg-Lyuban was noticed on February 26 very unusual passenger. In the car all day the cat rode! The animal behaved very actively and tried to draw attention of people.

The cat looks well-groomed, most likely, this pet who was lost.

cat, cat, the electric train, the thrown animal Passengers actively shared

a story about an animal in social networks, but nobody decided to take away a cat. Soon zoodefenders from the city of Tosno learned about this mysterious story. They found a way to contact the driver and asked it to take away the fluffy passenger to themselves in a cabin that nothing happened to it.

The man was surprised when learned that in his train all day the lonely cat rides, but agreed to shelter her temporarily.

cat, cat, shelter, homeless animal the driver transferred by

an animal To stations of Tosno to zoodefenders. First of all the cat was brought to survey to veterinary clinic. It turned out that the beauty is completely healthy.

Volunteers managed to find it house overexposure quickly. Now she grows roots in new, let and temporary, the house.

cat, cat, domashy animal, homeless animal

Unfortunately, no messages about the cat lost in the train followed. If in the nearest future owners do not respond, then volunteers will look for the new house for an animal.

In social networks several users desire to take away a cat to itself expressed, but zoodefenders decided not to hurry, it is very probable that someone looks for the alumna. Anyway, now the animal will definitely not be on street!

The riddle of the fluffy traveler so far of a nerazgadann, but pleases that it now in safety!

Source: ​ mur.tv ​​​

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