• Aug 29, 2019

Whether you know that cats applied a paw to a victory in World War II too? Many heard about an echelon with the "mewing division" which saved Leningrad from rats but also in allied troops there were many moustached heroes. Today we will tell about the "civil" cats serving for the Homeland benefit in Britain.

In wartime of a cat performed the major function: protected food warehouses from rodents. Products were worth its weight in gold, and the number of cats considerably fell in Great Britain: some died from hunger, others became the victims of airstrikes and shooting. To solve a problem with food, the Ministry of supply organized an appeal moustached on service. For it the ration from powdered milk – the real entertainment relied them at the time of deficiency and the ban on feeding of cats milk.

But cats saved people not only from hunger, but also death. Many people are obliged by life to fine feeling of the pets. For example, Billey's cat from the County of Surrey learned to distinguish approach of the Fau-1 cruise missile and ran to hide behind a fireplace. The family knew that they have exactly 4 minutes before near the house the shell flies by.

Sully's cat from London at approach of bombers began to beat with paws a gas mask, then ran to the hostess and persistently scratched it. After it hurried to a door of an air-raid shelter and scraped a door claws. And once, having convinced that the hostess in safety, Sallie went to neighbors and loudly mewed until they joined them.

Kot Timothy from the County of Sussex, on the contrary, somehow surprised family with refusal to go to an air-raid shelter despite sirens of air-raid warning. After an all clear signal it became clear why. In a hurry the family left an unfinished lunch on a table, than the cat did not fail to use. Perhaps, Timothy felt that the danger does not threaten, and the master's lunch was far more attractive than cheap fish.

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