• Sep 20, 2019

When volunteers understood what happened to a kitten, they could not hold back tears.

The place of events is the city of Fillakh in Austria. Passersby heard shouts. The cat called to the aid. They found a tiny kitten in bushes. It was clear: to the kid it is very painful. People brought a kitten in the next homeless animals shelter.

red kitten, pet, pet
of the Photo from the Internet. Has illustrative character.

In a shelter of a kitten who is called Florean now attentively examined. Defined: it is hurt by pads. When volunteers understood the reason of intolerable pain, they were horrified. And an act of that (it is even impossible to call it the person!) who created such cruelty with a kitten, did not go in.

Without holding back tears, volunteers cried …

On pads of a kitten the numerous burns caused by prints from a cigarette … were found

kitten, pads, pet
of the Photo: facebook.com/Pfotenhilfe.Lochen/

Флориана treated … Anesthetized wounds, fed from a small bottle: it was so simpler to tiny kitten to restore forces.

Unfortunately, it is unknown who so cruelly scoffed at a kitten. And how many still animal underwent and will undergo tortures. But it is certain: to it it will be rewarded according to the deserts. Only it would be desirable that it occurred somewhat quicker …

And Florean will surely find the loving handles which will not hurt … We trust in it! So will be!

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