• Jan 28, 2020

In November, 2017 near a trash can in Loshitsa found a dog in a deplorable state.

 the dog, a dog, a shelter, vt a clinic
Deplorable so that it was difficult even to define breed of an animal. Not indifferent people responded and began to save the thrown being.
, a dog, a homeless animal, the pet
But it became more difficult for it to live, and chances to save – less. The dog was brought in a vetklinik on Gursky – it was the metis to Cana corso, and the state was stated as very heavy: a fracture of a sciatic bone, multiple injuries accompanying it, bruises and the general exhaustion of an organism.

, dog, homeless animal, pet
Treatment costed considerable means therefore collecting among all not indifferent was organized.
went investigation on identification of the former owner Meanwhile. For the life the dog replaced five owners from whom found only four. But to reveal the one who doomed a dog on suffering, did not work well.
However all who saw an animal in borderline, assure that the fact of human cruelty is available. The dog could not become thin so, wandering on policemen, and could not be so strongly mutilated by other thrown animals.
, a dog, a homeless animal, the pet

Having had been through a lot from people, Leo remained very friendly, tender and friendly dog as the current owner tells it.

 a dog, a dog, the pet, a homeless animal

For rescue of an animal, it left work, serious condition demanded a lot of time and forces for restoration: Leo needed to feed each two hours within three months.

 a dog, a dog, a homeless animal, a shelter

the Dog made friends with a domestic cat, and does not feel lonely any more.

, a dog, a homeless animal the fate really smiled to Leo's

, and now he feels safe, having again believed in love and care of the Person.

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