• Jan 24, 2020

When strange and inexplicable things occur in our life, we can find many reasons: usual coincidence, series of events, full moon or just unsuccessful day.

But when strangenesses happen to our pet, it really frightens and unsettles.

Here and the history of loss and rescue of a beagle by nickname Rikk can call really surprising.

Seems that when you make monotonous and such habitual actions as walk with a dog, a research of paths in the familiar park for 2.5 years, nothing supernatural can occur any more. The person gets used and does not expect a dirty trick. Anna, Ricky's mistress, from the city Pleasant that in the Moscow region, quietly walked with the pet in the square in the evening on December 25, nothing portended a trouble. But Rikka, being guided only to itself by the known motives, suddenly sharply began to howl, turn around the hostess, to be torn from a lead.

Strange actions of a beagle ended with the fact that it broke and ran towards the carriageway.

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Stopped it only once: before the crosswalk that then to jerk on red light, on the run having almost rammed the passing car. Fortunately, the driver who was taken aback from such impudence struck brakes, as saved a dog.

However Rikka as if without having felt wounds and bruises from collision, with a huge speed was chosen from under a cowl to run further in the unknown direction.

the Subsequent after escape of a dog were days a real nightmare for owners: the family rang round veterinary clinics, stuck announcements, stormed social networks, brought together search group from not indifferent people and daily for 6, and even 8 hours looked for the fugitive on a frost.

owners of dogs have one general fear: the deafening explosions from fireworks directing horror at pets. Therefore Anna had only one desire: to find Rikka till New Year's holidays that the roar from petards did not drive a dog into even more far corners of the city.

Hope began to die away after New year: the dog was not found, all streets were passed several times, and in the city, appear, there is no person left who would not know about the disappeared Rikka.

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photo: vk.com//id997111

So far the family every time combed

Pleasant in search of a pet, the fugitive appeared in an unknown way to Vladykino where, grown weak from wounds, it was beaten to the worker of a local garage. In the same place she also met New year right after which volunteers found it the house in new family in the Volgograd region.

Is hard to say, it is good or it is bad, but the new family could not cope with Ricky's temper and began to look for it the new house.

A further already led a chain of events to a real miracle: the woman by the name of Natalya not indifferent to loss of the pet saw the announcement of search of the house for a beagle, very similar to Ricky, and told Anna.

Was necessary to work quickly: in the same day Anna made battle march of 1.5 thousand kilometers for the favourite and already in a day was at home Ricky, surrounded with care and love.

Here so, apparently, the stranger Natalya became the guardian angel of a dog and made a miracle: returned to family of a favourite beagle, and Rikke — warmly lost house.

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