• Jan 6, 2021
One of the most frequent questions which come to our social networks: "How to persuade the husband to get a dog".
We wrote
with edition already such article, but it is the theory, and here is how in practice real people managed to finish the husbands and that from this turned out, we asked the subscribers.
So, we read stories, we are inspired, be touched, we draw conclusions and we enjoy reading!

History No. 1

Still a year ago my husband told
— in our house there will NEVER be a dog.
Perhaps in old age. But not now. For me the dog was some pipe children's dream, but last year I seriously thought of getting a shchenochka) Of course, arrangements began
the Husband in any … Though we agreed in one opinion — that we sometime wanted a dog of the average sizes. A corgi — ideally ❤️ I began daily studying of breed and bases of education.
watched Every day the putting videos, Councils of cynologists, read articles, looked for information in social nets (and found you!))) the Husband understood that it is not a whim, but a serious and responsible attitude, and then his heart thawed. It began studying with me, on it at us more than half a year left.
I at the end of October we took away home our shchenochk the Husband very much loves it)) we live quietly and amicably ☺️ Somehow so!)


History No. 2

Ya long "asked", at my place in Ukraine all life there were dogs and cats) moved to Poland and year such was sad, under years asked asked. Then we accidentally had a dog who was found on the street, but it was necessary to send her to schronisko as the owner was against.
to us was necessary to move then to other city and I convincingly said that we here live now, it is necessary to look forward, take the apartment that where owners will be not against a dog, there will be children further well and so left that I adduced then a lot more arguments, allegedly we will learn to get up early so (because when there will be a baby will be most too) and let's take a dog. But I said that it will be completely my duty to walk with it and to teach it not to spoil in the apartment) Saw the announcement that give puppies, told well let's go just we will look at least) Arrived and left with a dog at once) Now we walk all together
Besides, it the super assistant I should begin cleaning, it helps to remove too
he adores watching TV with us and to listen to music with us)
very sociable doggie and not obedient sometimes
it is the small manipulator but we do not give in on its tricks.
the prankish still that, but we love it) and we study with it such dog too at me was not yet

History No. 3

Madly asked from the FATHER about 5 years. And as that time has come to the father who was peacefully watching TV and told:" the father you know why I am not the happiest?"
He answered
:" why?"
I have no
"Because a dog, without it it is not interesting to me to walk"
Then I absolutely ceased to go out
also with the friends and one.
Mother and the father forced to look at Hachiko. Mother burst into tears, the father became sad too, I seized this moment and I speak" and give the same only small we will bring (siba-Ina) it will be same true"
Worked for birthday to me presented a black and subdead shiba-inu of Anghie. The father at first neutral treated it, now everywhere with it

History No. 4

I periodically said 3 years that I want a golden retriever. The husband long resisted, I drove him and on an exhibition of dogs, and tests comic threw up what dog to you approaches. Did not want because large and shaggy breed, tried to find other breed which will be pleasant to both, but it did not turn out.

Then friends left to us for a week of the Labrador for the period of NG of vacation, the husband all vacation walked with it, played a ball, and I vacuumed. After that he told that a dog cool, but it is necessary to distribute duties in advance.

Everything was on me, search of nurseries, purchase of things, forages, change of the schedule at work to come to 5 home to walk, will not grow yet. As a result the husband walks in the morning with him and late at night, and I in the afternoon) In clinic carry, during week-end to the wood/park we go to walk together, to the cynologist together we go, but sometimes I one)) So my main council to borrow from someone from friends holidays their dog! Plus both of us passed tests for an allergy in advance, and went took a walk with this breed.


History No. 5

the Young man was against)
Ya ached year when spoke about gifts spoke — only a dog, more nothing is necessary. Made the card of Desires and hung up the picture of a puppy, on the foreground there. In hundred-rice in Instagramm quite often told about the dream. In a year on др presented.
the Result — he natselovyvat it constantly and calls "son"

History No. 6

we as a result got our
on a wedding anniversary now the husband adores it. And it was inevitable!:)
History No. 7
Darling always told
we will get a dog when we live in the house. And I very much long asked a dog, showed lovely videos and photos, constantly reminded that I dream of a dog.
I here this New year very unexpectedly presented me such miracle. Dog by the way now his princess and "most favourite roll"

History No. 8

We asked the father 2 years. But when already and ripened, just gave him contact, the address and a photo of our small shchenochk. Next day waited for the father from work in the evening. He all was late. Where he answered a question "in a stopper" (that is strange, to go that 10 minutes and traffic jams never is). Also arrived home with our Archik. We cannot live without our friend now


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