• Jan 27, 2020

It was one of the most terrible incidents in life of Peggy Gambrin and her family. At night two of their true the pet, Nicole and Bullvinks's Bentley, walked across their private territory. Weather in Texas stood warm therefore the hostess did not see anything bad in that dogs spent time maximum in the fresh air.

However next morning the hostess found
dogs behind the house — they contracted from pain, and in their noses, paws and stomachs hundreds of long needles stuck out! The woman understood at once that these two lost unequal fight with one of local porcupines. And it was accident!

 dog, pet, wild animal

Many thought now — well here it, it is possible just to extend these prickles (or to cut off them at the basis) and to forget about an event. But it is a mistake!

The matter is that needles have jags which do not prevent a needle to put on weight, but at any movement in the opposite direction they reveal, without giving the chance to take them from skin. Besides — they promote advance of needles in muscles and bodies of an animal!

Besides, these needles can bear bacteria and infect new "owner" with the mass of various diseases. We do not say already that such rather big splinters cause severe pain to the damaged fabrics …
Therefore a problem was obvious. Peggy, without delaying minutes, seated pets in the car and went in a vetklinik. The team of doctors needed more than one and a half hours to remove all superfluous of bodies of Bentley and Bullvinks!

 dog, pet, wild animal
Is known that the porcupine has about 30,000 sharp needles that turns a little rodent into the serious rival. Many consider that these animals are able to throw "darts" in enemies, however it — only the widespread myth. However, the German zoologist to Date claimed that he saw with own eyes as the local porcupine threw needles — yes so that they were stuck in a wooden board! Perhaps, it could occur by sharp reduction of ring muscles which bend around each needle …
 porcupine, wild animal
However usually furious animal works in a different way: its sharp small a spear bristle, he sharply moves back, and then does jump forward, immersing terrible weapon in the rival's body.
 porcupine, wild animal
Eagles at the basis keep very poorly therefore at the first opportunity remove on the new owner who from pain can even faint!
 porcupine, wild animal
Poor dogs of Mrs. Gambrin! Especially Bullvinkl — the Boston terrier suffered. Staphylococcus brought in its organism compelled it even after extraction of needles every week to visit the veterinarian. It continues treatment though feels already much better!
 dog, pet, wild animal
Doctors warn that these small animals are especially active at night or at dawn. Curious dogs (especially puppies) and other pets can easily run into a sad adventure if stick the nose where does not follow! Also the hyperactive pets who got used to protect the territory from uninvited guests are subject to risk.
Fortunately, the help of the expert in time rendered saved Bentley and Bullvinkl from consequences. Both dogs recover, and we are sure — any more will never try to get acquainted with a porcupine closer!
By the way, do not worry for the last: it will be able to restore the lost needles very quickly!
 porcupine, wild animal

Source: mur.tv

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