• Jan 27, 2020
Georgina Michel enjoyed

a slow trip on horses to Miami, the State of Florida when she saw an awful show. It curtailed on the dirt road when noticed alone the standing cage for chickens. But inside there was no chicken: there was a frightened injured dog.

 a dog, huskies, a pet, a wild animal Michele's
, having taken with itself a water bottle, immediately went to a cage to help. The animal wagged a tail, rejoiced and with hunting drank water. Having devastated a bottle, the dog similar on a fox tried to get out of a cage. Michele noticed that the poor puppy does not cope alone therefore she had to help a dog. Then she noticed that the animal was covered with cuts and scabs. On her there were bruises, and paws, appear, were broken. "They were so hurt that reminded sacks, and nails grew back into paws" — Michele told. That neglect and cruelty which the dog had to face were just amazing. And despite constant pain, a tail of a little dog wagged all the time. Michele took a dog to herself, called Lucky, began to care and render feasible the help.
 a dog, huskies, a pet, a wild animal the Local organization for rescue of animals learned
about Lucky on social networks and brought a dog into veterinary clinic that provided to an animal the qualified medical care. It was established that a dog aged from 2 up to 3 years. Possibly, the pet could not eat, receive regularly necessary micro and - macro elements for normal activity. Even volunteers in group of rescue were shocked by Lucky's condition: "Just awfully to see this fight: the dog can pass only couple of steps, and she needs to cut forepaws because they begin to deliver an excruciating pain" — Cailyn Richchiardi, the volunteer told. "It it is really heart-breaking that people can be so heartless just to leave dogs to the mercy of fate".
 a dog, huskies, a pet, a wild animal
Lucky's Condition so heavy that doctors do not even start operations as it will be too painful for a dog. One hope for Lucky. As soon as she receives medical treatment, will establish her 4 special artificial limbs. They will be adapted to correspond to its way of walking. As soon as it receives them, Lucky will be able to go, run and play with the new extremities.
 dog, huskies, pet, wild animal
"This dog — one of the most remarkable dogs around the world" — the volunteer told. "She wants to kiss you, wants to be near, and in her body there is no uniform bone. After everything that she endured, she the strongest dog".

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